Hunter x Hunter Season 2 arrives on Prime Video

Hunter x Hunter Season 2 arrives on Prime Video

Dynit has just announced that the second season of Hunter x Hunter, an adaptation of the manga of the same name written and drawn by Yoshihiro Togashi and published in Italy by Planet Manga, is available with the Italian dub on Amazon Prime Video. We remind you that the first season, 36 episodes, is already available on the platform, with the new Italian dubbing and if you want to know more, read our article too!

To subscribe to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, taking advantage of even the 30-day trial, you can use this link.

About the second season of Hunter x Hunter

The second season of Hunter x Hunter consists of 25 episodes lasting approximately 24 minutes each.

In the Italian dub, Gon is played by Alessio Puccio, Kurapika by Roberta De Roberto, Leorio by Emiliano Regent, Killua by Danny Francucci, Hisoka by Gabriele Vender and Netero by Paolo Buglioni.

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Gon returns home to Whale Island with Killua. Mito and his grandmother tell Gon about Ging's past. The boy receives a small box that belonged to his father. Together with Killua they manage to open it and inside they find 3 objects. Gon's adventure starts from here!

Hunter x Hunter: the franchise

Hunter x Hunter is a manga written and drawn by Yoshihiro Togashi, also known for his previous work Yu of the ghosts, serialized, between various pauses also caused from the health problems of the author, on the weekly Shonen Jump since 1998. In Italy the manga is published by Planet Manga, which has published three reprints (you can find the first volume on Amazon!)

In 1999 Nippon Animation produced an animated series in 62 episodes, which aired until 2001. The anime was broadcast in Italy on Italia 1 from 23 January 2007 to 24 January 2008 initially in full version and , from episode 16, entitled Sasso × Scbici × Cuore, was censored by Mediaset due to somewhat “pushed” scenes and dialogues.

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Madhouse has subsequently created a new series, which aired from 2 October 2011 in Japan on the NTV channel. It is a reboot of the first anime and tells the whole story of the previous series and, starting from episode 76, continues with the next part of the manga's plot.

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