Metroid Dread will soon become the best-selling game in the series

Metroid Dread will soon become the best-selling game in the series

Metroid Dread is set to become the best-selling chapter of the series ever, according to estimates reported by Daniel Ahmad, a well-known analyst known on Twitter as ZhugEx.

As reported in Nintendo's latest financial report, the latest Samus Aran's adventure created by MercurySteam is at 2.74 million copies as of December 31, 2021 and will therefore soon exceed (if it has not already done so) the sales of Metroid Prime, which is currently the best-selling game of the series with 2, 84 million copies.

As we can see in the graph below, the second (and in the future the third) best-selling game is the very first Metroid class 1986, while Metroid: Samus Returns and Federation Force have not even reached the million copies.

As Ahmad points out, while highly regarded, Metroid is a niche series when compared to other Nintendo IPs. To make a comparison, perhaps too ruthless, the analyst of Niko Partners has compared the sales of the series with those of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which on Nintendo Switch has been purchased by over 43 million players.

As we explain in our Metroid Dread review by Vincenzo Lettera "after all these years, it was not easy to close the hanging arch with Metroid Fusion with an episode that was consistent with the previous ones and at the same time managed to modernize the feeling of the 2D series. Metroid Dread succeeds, and despite the frequent interactions with Adam sometimes end up attenuating the sense of isolation typical of the series, what shines is above all the rhythm of the game, the combat system never so disruptive , and the constant shift between frenzy in moments of exploration and tremendous anxiety as soon as he sets foot in an EMMI area. And in the end, what impressed us most about Dread is her, Samus. Fierce and powerful, increasingly lightning fast and aggressive, and reminds us that she is on planet ZDR with a very specific mission. Cost what it costs. As she loses her powers at the beginning of the game, of each game, the next Metroid in 2D could start from scratch and mark a new beginning for the series, but whatever the future of the saga will be, we hope to find a protagonist so gritty and, at the end of the fair, so fun to play. "

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