Foundation: The second season will have new characters

Foundation: The second season will have new characters


AppleTV + does not seem willing to give ground to its competitors, but intends to focus with particular interest on the enhancement of one of its most successful productions, as shown by the news on the second season of Foundation. At a time when Amazon Prime Video's most successful science fiction series of recent years, Amazon Prime Video's The Expanse, has come to a close with its sixth and final season, sci-fi fans can find in AppleTV + space opera. a valid alternative.

Foundation: new characters will appear in the second season

Based on the famous Cycle of Foundations by Isaac Asimov, Foundation has been able to grasp the favor of the public, moving freely within the intuitions of the brilliant American novelist. While granting itself a lot of liberties with respect to the source material of Asimov, Foundation has proved to be a valid sci-fi series, and the announcement of AppleTV + on the second season of Foundation seems to demonstrate how the station intends to further raise the quality of its show.

The colleagues of Deadline have in fact anticipated some of the new characters that we will see in the second season of Foundation:

Brother Constant (Isabella Laughland), a missionary on a mission of evangelization in the Outer Rim, on behalf of the Church of the Galactic Spirit. Fervent believer with a joyful spirit, Costant will be characterized by great courage Poly Verisof (Kulvinder Ghir), a high dignitary of the Church of the Galactic Spirit, sarcastic and pungent, alcoholic who despite realizing the danger of his vice, is cynically unable to get rid of it. Hober Mallow (Dimitri Leonidas), a wealthy merchant with an ironic personality and a dubious moral, called against his will to serve a cause more important than his interests Bel Roise (Ben Daniels) last general of the Superliminal Fleet, the one who wanted to become the conqueror of the Foundation. Bel is deeply attached to a cause, but his feldeàò to the Galactic Empire seems to show more than just a weakness.

Acres Manufacturing Launches Foundation App Store

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Acres Manufacturing Company ('Acres'), a leading casino loyalty and technology developer, today announced the debut of the Foundation App Store, an open-to-all environment that allows any developer to provide applications for any slot machine or table game deploying Acres' Foundation™ casino management system technology. The Foundation App Store enables casino operators to seamlessly add the newest content from developers through an open API in an effort to quickly address evolving consumer interests.

With the open API, casinos only pay for the cost of the application, not for the interface. Currently, casinos may have to purchase the same interface for each application they want to buy. This obstacle prevents many casinos from installing new applications, thereby depriving them of incremental revenue and earnings.

Another significant difference with the Foundation App Store is that Acres allows any app, whether or not it competes with present or future Acres applications. Typically, fees are charged by legacy systems for any interface with competitive products.

At launch, the Foundation App Store includes 17 developers with applications tested and certified as Foundation Compatible by Acres. Initial applications encompass categories such as reporting, analytics, cashless gaming, bonusing and more.

'The Foundation App Store is a marketplace that enables casinos to select any application they want with the guarantee of security and compatibility,' said Noah Acres of Acres Manufacturing. 'We are allowing any developer to create content for the Foundation platform by providing our standard API documentation. This approach is beneficial to developers, casino operators and gaming customers as it will cultivate the newest technologies and content for consumers. We are confident the enhanced speed of deployment and broader variety of applications available on the platform will greatly enhance profits for casino operators.'

Foundation™ is a first-of-its-kind casino management system that provides casinos with real-time data from slot machines and a direct interface to the credit meter on any slot machine. Foundation™ provides casinos with over 1000x more data, giving casinos dramatic new capabilities to analyze and influence player behavior. Through its standard APIs, any application approved by the casino can interface with Foundation to enable advanced data analytics, bonusing, cashless gaming and more.

Legacy casino management systems have closed interfaces that prevent developers from contributing new content. Acres believes this business model has greatly slowed the growth of the industry by restricting casinos' ability to evolve their services to meet consumer demands, which the Company believes is a key contributor to the dramatic aging of the casino customer demographic.

Acres provides standard APIs to any developer that wants to create an application that interfaces to Foundation™. Applications are tested and certified prior to being listed on the Foundation App Store. Developers dictate their own pricing, and casinos are freed from the burden of paying interface fees to connect desired applications.

About Acres Manufacturing CompanyAcres Manufacturing Company is a leading casino loyalty and technology expert and the creator of Foundation™, the first-of-its-kind casino management system. Foundation provides casinos with real-time data from slot machines and a direct interface to the credit meter on any slot machine. Acres Manufacturing was founded by John Acres, the inventor of casino systems technology. For more information on Acres Manufacturing Company and the Foundation casino management system, visit

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