Capcom: the announcement of the countdown could be Street Fighter 6 for Dusk Golem

Capcom: the announcement of the countdown could be Street Fighter 6 for Dusk Golem


Capcom has activated a countdown timer on its site, which will expire next week and will likely unveil a new game. What could it be? According to the well-known leaker Dusk Golem - also known as AestheticGamer - it could be Street Fighter 6. Here's why.

Dusk Golem expressed his opinion about it after a user directly asked him for a comment via Twitter. Dusk Golem writes: "I have no information on Capcom's marketing plans regarding this event, but if it's a game announcement, it's almost certainly Street Fighter 6. The game is in the works (and re-working, after 'farewell to Ono) for years now, and the timer is set for the end of the Capcom Cup. "

A couple of tweets later, Dusk Golem responds to a user who asks if it could be a Resident Evil-themed ad and says: "Since I don't know what it's referring to, it's not impossible [it's dedicated to Resident Evil] as there are Resident Evil themed announcements that will arrive who knows when. But I doubt that this is the case, the timer is literally set for the end of the Capcom Cup, which means that it is something they will announce at the end of the Capcom Cup . "

Dusk Golem therefore had the same idea as many, considering the moment of the announcement. The interesting part is the confirmation that the game has been in development for years and that, after the departure of Ono, there has been some work to modify: will Street Fighter 6 be a different game than Street Fighter 5? What do you think?

Finally, we would like to point out that a Resident Evil-themed announcement is actually coming very soon: here is the date and time.

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Capcom Is Teasing Something With A Countdown And Some Speculate It’s Related To Resident Evil

Capcom fans have been enjoying some fantastic games as of late. Between Resident Evil remakes, new entries in the long-running horror series, or beasts to hunt in Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom has been providing players with plenty to do. And now, the company is providing fans with something new to do: stare at a mysterious countdown. 

Perhaps as a Valentine’s Day surprise, Capcom tweeted out a random link today and upon clicking it, you’re brought to a relatively blank screen that features a countdown both in days and in hours. At first glance, it’s not really teasing anything, except the inescapable loss of time that will soon come for us all one day. But, upon closer inspection, some fans have noticed that the font of the countdown is pretty similar to the font Capcom has been using in its newer Resident Evil entries such as Resident Evil 7 or Resident Evil Village

Now, don’t get too excited about Resident Evil 9 or whatever it ends up being called – there’s virtually no way Capcom is announcing that at the end of this countdown. For one, Village was just released last year and two, Capcom has already said Village DLC is on the way. With that said, it wouldn’t be surprising if DLC awaits us on the other end of this countdown. 

Of course, it could be the heavily-rumored Resident Evil 4 remake. Using a long countdown such as this current six-day one would be a great way to build up hype around that, especially if Capcom starts teasing even more as the countdown inches closer to zero. However, some have noted that this countdown is likely not associated with Resident Evil because it seems something Resident Evil-related might be happening tomorrow: 

One important thing to note is that this could be related to Capcom's Street Fighter series. The countdown ends three days after the finale of Capcom's Street Fighter Pro Tour. Perhaps the company is ready to reveal Street Fighter 6 or something else related to its long-running fighting series. Only time will tell. 

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What do you hope this countdown is teasing? Let us know in the comments below!

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