The best 10 soundtracks of 2021

The best 10 soundtracks of 2021

The past year has given us memorable joys and video games, even from a musical point of view. Some soundtracks have managed to remain etched in our hearts and in the playful experience that they accompanied through their musical notes, the quality of the arrangements and the imagination of the magnificent composers who worked on them. We therefore want to propose our selection of the best 10 soundtracks of 2021, always according to a personal and highly questionable yardstick.

We have thought of indie titles, some of them of a stunning quality, triple A games from budget pharaonic and with production means equal to Hollywood films, but also to other less high-sounding names, but which have received great appreciation from critics and audiences. In common, these ten games all have the same thing: a creepy soundtrack. Here are our best soundtracks of video games released in 2021, but in the comments tell us which ones are yours!

Death's Door

One of the best indie titles of recent times it could not have, in turn, an amazing musical sector. Curated by the English composer David Fenn, the 50 tracks that make up the OST of Death's Door all leave their mark. The attention to detail, the choice of instrumentation and the maniacal composition represent an element of the game worthy of a triple A production. The music, each with a strong personality, sometimes reminds 80s films such as Labyrinth, sometimes certain souls of the Studio Ghibli. Surely one of the most accurate and impactful soundtracks of 2021.

Halo Infinite

Perhaps we will lapse into banality, but the Gregorian choirs and orchestra that make up the Halo soundtrack always give us a thrill. Especially that of Halo Infinite: 48 tracks composed by Gareth Coker (Ori and the Blind Forest), Curtis Schweitzer (Starbound) and Joel Corelitz (The Unfinished Swan, a beautiful Sony exclusive from a few years ago). The great job done by the three OST managers was to take the classic elements of the series, which every fan loves, and expand them further with sonic innovations and new ideas. The entire soundtrack is available in streaming online on major platforms.


Another crazy soundtrack of this past year is definitely that of Deathloop, made by many talented artists such as composer Sencit, singer Lady Blackbird (his masterpiece album "Black Acid Soul"), and Canadian Fjøra. From the latter the wonderful main song "Deja Vu", with a sound very close to those already appreciated in James Bond films and other Hollywood mega productions. But all the tracks of Deathloop remain impressed on the player for their quality: they range from slow with trumpets and drums, acid-jazz tracks and other faster and more rhythmic ones that are very reminiscent of what was heard in series like Cowboy Bebop. A real gem of this 2021 just past.

JETT: The Far Shore

Great surprise of 2021 is the beautiful soundtrack of JETT: The Far Shore, a game of the small and talented team Canadian of the Superbrothers (Sword & Sworcery). The entire OST is by a veteran and well-known musician, especially in the indie rock circles of a few years ago and in the world of advertising, we are talking about scntfc, prolific author of various works ranging from real albums, columns sound (his that of Oxenfree 2) and even all the system sounds of Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. The experience in electronic music of scnftc has made it possible to create a soundtrack of the highest quality, at times unprecedented for an indie title. Its electro-pop nuances accompany all 28 tracks that make up the game's audio, with songs that convey the profound sense of loneliness of space through other more rhythmic ones, used to fill the excited phases of the adventure.

Marvel Guardian's of Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie was heavily focused on its incredible soundtrack, and the video game makes no difference. The Marvel, Eidos, and Square-Enix production have not really spared any expense. In addition to the wonderful original music composed by Richard Jaques (composer of Mass Effect, by the way), the game has the licenses of over 30 masterpieces of music from the turn of the 70s and 80s, with the likes of Billy Idol, Def Leppard, Bonnie Tyler, Mötley Crüe, Blondie, Iron Maiden, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Europe, Kiss and many other legends from the music of that era. An entire album was created for the game, "Space Rider", which in the fictional fiction of the title represents the first album of the Star Lord band, a real gem with a taste of the 80s. In this case the author is Steve Szczepkowski, talented audio director of the Deus-Ex series. The soundtrack of this Marvel Guardian's of Galaxy is certainly one of the best ever, and obviously also of this 2021.

The Artful Escape

One of the most beautiful play experiences of this past year brings with it a formidable soundtrack, the work of the Australian Jhonny Galvatron and compatriot Josh Abraham. Let's talk about the music of The Artful Escape. Both heavily influenced by the electronic music of the 80s and 90s, they have produced a soundtrack that ranges from transcendental songs (sometimes reminiscent of some levels of the famous SEGA REZ) to others that include the use of electric guitars and synthetic sounds. The whole production is a real "trip". A journey through the gameplay of the game, with a strong artistic personality that determines the fundamental component of The Artful Escape experience: its raison d'etre is in the music.

Life is Strange: True Colors

A real jewel of this 2021 and one of the best gaming experiences of recent years, the work of Life is Strange: True Colors also gave us a wonderful, truly memorable soundtrack. The quality returns to the levels of the first chapter. The original part of the soundtrack is the work of the Australian musical duo Angus & Julia Stone, an indie-pop group with a folk connotation, while the licensed part includes tracks by mxmtoon, a young and talented American singer, Dido, Kings of Leon and many others.

It Takes Two

Winner of many critics' awards is the beautiful It Takes Two from Hazelight Studios, former authors of "A Way Out" released in 2018 on PC, Xbox One and PS4 . The soundtrack is one of the most impressed among the games released this year. The 33 tracks that make up this beautiful OST were composed by the Swedes Kristofer Eng and Gustaf Grefberg. The latter in particular has been active on the videogame scene for many years, known as a composer with the name of Lizardking since the time of the Amiga. The electronic style, mixed with the best orchestral tradition, brings out of the hat of the Swedes one of the most excited and inspired soundtracks of recent times.

Psychonauts 2

The soundtrack of Psychonauts 2 it is linked, like many other Tim Shafer games, to the incredible flair and personality of composer Peter McConnell. Born in the United States and with a degree in music from Harvard, he began at a young age to collaborate with the legendary studio LucasArts and write his signature on the soundtracks of icons such as Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Day of The Tentacle, Sam & Max, Grim Fandango and countless Star Wars-based titles. In short, the premises for another great soundtrack were all there, and have been fully maintained. Psychonauts 2's OST is simply brilliant, original and well orchestrated. It also includes a song, such as "Cosmic I / Smell The Universe", sung by Jack Black. One of the best soundtracks of all 2021 hands down.

NiER Replicant ver.1.22474487139 ...

The remake of the "rediscovered" NiER Replicant ver.1.22474487139 ... represented a good opportunity to play again this little pearl of Square-Enix. What fascinated and made many fans fall in love with was also and above all one of the most beautiful soundtracks, we would dare to say, ever. The work done by Keiichi Okabe has been magnificent. His experience begins in Namco back in 1994 collaborating for Air Combat and many chapters of Tekken, reaching up to the present day with the new edition of NiER Replicant, whose music has remained practically intact from the original game. A true masterpiece that will remain in the annals of video game history.

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