Twitter has launched a trial version of the revamped TweetDeck

Twitter has launched a trial version of the revamped TweetDeck

The novelty will be available for now for a limited number of accounts and only in some countries, but there is a shortcut for those who want to try it

(photo: via Twitter) Twitter has announced the launch of a version of try the new TweetDeck, the account management dashboard aimed at expert users. This renewal of the application could also be paid, according to Bloomberg at the beginning of the year.

In the tweet with which the social network announced the novelty it is specified that it is a preview in the test phase and that will be available to some "randomly selected" people from the US, Canada and Australia.

According to a post by Kayvon Beykpour, head of the Twitter product section, the revamped version of the Tweetdecks will include a full tweet composer , new advanced search capabilities, new column types and a new way to group column types into clean workspaces. Beykpour previously told The Verge in March that the company was working on a fresh overhaul of this product.

number of accounts, with enhanced functionality that incorporates more of what you see on

- TweetDeck (@TweetDeck) July 20, 2021

The trial version, as admitted by Beykpour, will be used to collect feedbecks from part of the users, while the will that drives this renewal is already clear enough: to provide a greater possibility of personalization and control to users over their space.

The new tweet composer will allow you to add GIFs, polls or emojis to our tweets, including scheduled tweets, and not just photos and videos, as before. Users will be able to access new types of columns, including Profile, Topics, Explore, Events, Moments, and Bookmarks. Instead, other types of columns have been removed, including Activities, Followers, Likes and Outbox.

Boolean operators can be used in searches, as on Google, in addition to deciding whether to display the most recent or top tweets. Among the most significant additions there is then the function called Decks which allows you to organize or organize sets of columns in separate workspaces. This could help users who want to create different workspaces associated with different themes or interests, but also be useful for those who manage the social media of different clients for work.

Not everyone is enthusiastic about the news. According to TechCrunch reports, "users are complaining in particular about the loss of the Activity column option", as well as the missing message column. Others are annoyed that you can't create a column for your direct messages and that collections are gone. Some have also said it's too difficult to resize columns and couldn't figure out how to use it with multiple accounts. However, what we are seeing is certainly not the final version.

For those who already want to try the new TweetDeck, even from Italy, Jane Manchun Wong has already found a shortcut. Just open TweetDeck in your browser, go to Developer Tools if you are using Chrome, open the console tab and copy and paste this Html: document.cookie = "tweetdeck_version = beta, then hit enter and reload the page.

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