AK Hub: the startup and co-working incubator that promotes ideas

AK Hub: the startup and co-working incubator that promotes ideas

AK Hub

AK Hub, a new co-working space and startup incubator based at the Orio Center in Orio al Serio, Bergamo, was officially presented. In its 300 square meters there are equipped workstations, meeting rooms with the latest equipment for videoconferencing and augmented reality, a relaxation area and other high-tech services such as 3D printing, servers and interactive whiteboards. The environment is very modern and the view of the airport and the Upper Town makes it pleasant and stimulating.

Its mission is to encourage the growth of local companies, with a focus on young ones, but also lending a hand to those already consolidated that need to renew themselves to keep up with the competition. An incubator, therefore, which is not formalized on the date of creation of the reality to grow, but on the ideas and future prospects.

This opening is also confirmed by the opportunity to follow companies coming from outside the area geographical area of ​​Bergamo, also because the location is logistically very advantageous precisely for those realities that want to face an international presence.

Being located at the Orio Center, in fact, it is very easy to reach via the motorway, but even from abroad. A direct pedestrian crossing with the airport, in fact, makes it the ideal venue for meetings with people who arrive flying.

The range of services offered is very complete and many are provided directly by the member companies of the initiative. We start with AK Group, a high-tech company from Bergamo, a pioneer in digital development and virtual entertainment, with a consolidated presence in the emerging e-sports sector. Its presence in the incubator guarantees direct contact with many leading exponents of the IT and technology sector and all the know-how necessary to evaluate the best paths to grow innovative ideas. Not surprisingly, three of the main technical partners are Intel, Logitech and MSI.

The collaboration with the "Cervi e Basta" studio provides the necessary advice in tax matters which in extremely innovative fields such as those of startups is often difficult to frame in existing standards. The experience gained by the firm, however, constitutes a solid basis for avoiding the legislative traps that undermine the growth of new realities.

A similar argument is also applicable to the other "strategic" partner of the initiative: Crofitek . Specialized in IT-legal consultancy, Crofitek can provide the necessary know-how in the contractual part, covering still little-known areas such as smart-contracts, legal issues of the IoT and new forms of entertainment.

Also sportsgaming.win has signed an agreement with AK Hub to provide innovative content and training courses and digital visibility that will be implemented in the coming months.

Attention to ideas and the territory

A detail that distinguishes AK Hub from all other incubators is their propensity to evaluate ideas even if they have not yet been formalized from a business point of view. In other words, it is possible to send proposals that are still in an embryonic stage and if they were to be evaluated positively, the AK Hub could decide to finance and support the company from scratch. This makes AK Hub a potential partner for many companies: from those that only need advice that validates the business path to those that, starting from scratch, still have to build everything, passing through the consolidated realities that need to digitize their business. to keep up with the times and try the great leap towards internationalization.

The creation of the incubator was made possible by a strong relationship with the local institutions that have promoted the initiative and also provide an environment healthy as well as a potential starting market for startups.

AK Hub is part of the "Culture and luxury center" program signed by the Municipality of Azzano San Paolo, the Finser / Percassi Group, the Province of Bergamo and the Region Lombardy. The Municipalities of Orio al Serio, Grassobbio and Zanica also joined the project with a memorandum of understanding.

For more information, https://akhub.it/

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