The Coalition on a new IP, an employee confirms

The Coalition on a new IP, an employee confirms

The Coalition on a new IP

User Klobrille notes on Twitter that a LinkedIn position for an employee of The Coalition refers to a project not yet announced. Specifically, as we can see in the tweet, it is specified that, in addition to covering the role of Multiplayer Level Designer, the employee also works as a "Level Designer on a new IP", from February 2021 to the present. This detail on the profile, now removed, fits perfectly with what Jeff Grubb reported only a few weeks ago.

According to Grubb, in fact, The Coalition was working on an unpublished and not yet announced project, unrelated to Gears 6 . The insider also revealed that it would be a small title and that it will have to do with the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo that will be shown during the Game Developers Conference on July 20, 2021. At this point it is very likely that The Coalition will show. something during the next few days, especially since we don't know what all the projects are in progress at the software house.

It's hard to say how much credibility can be given to these rumors, but we can't help but believe that the team is not really working on a side title alongside the development of Gears 6. The proximity of The Coalition to Epic Games has allowed him to begin experimenting with the Unreal Engine 5 with which this hypothetical new game will probably be made. However, remember that we know little or nothing about this project.

It looks like The Coalition could be working on a new IP alongside Gears of War, if this LinkedIn description is accurate. This kind of was hinted at before already as well.

- Klobrille (@klobrille) July 17, 2021

In fact, many believe that The Coalition is actually investing resources in making the Alpha Point tech demo a real title, but even on this we have no concrete confirmation or details. We can only wait for more information from the team or from Microsoft itself since, as we have already said, they could also arrive in the next few days. As always, therefore, we advise you to stay connected on our pages so as not to miss further updates on this issue.

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Gears of War dev 'The Coalition' may be working on a new IP

After Gears Tactics and Gears 5, The Coalition has a bit of a question mark hanging over it. Given the ending of Gears 5, a Gears 6 is all but inevitable — but is it the next game from The Coalition? Maybe not, according to this LinkedIn profile listing.

A developer working for The Coalition recently updated their LinkedIn profile to note that they're working on levels for a new IP. IP stands for Intellectual Property, and generally refers to a specific game franchise. Gears 6 therefore wouldn't necessarily be a new IP, which if correct, could indicate that The Coalition's next game is something new entirely.



Source: LinkedIn

The Coalition recently demonstrated their work with the Unreal Engine, building a new tech demo to showcase UE5 on the Xbox Series X. The Coailtion began life as Black Tusk, and went as far to show off a CGI trailer for a game that was shelved in favor of taking over the Gears of War IP, when Microsoft picked it up from Epic Games.

Since changing its name to The Coalition, the studio has worked on Gears of War 4, Gears 5, and Gears Tactics, garnering consistent success and acclaim. Many of us have wondered what the talented team could make if they stepped away from Gears for a little while, and it certainly seems as though the studio is at least exploring what that could mean.

There's every chance that the LinkedIn listing refers to a new IP from another Microsoft partner team, however, such as Contraband from Avalanche, or one of Microsoft's other upcoming Xbox games. Microsoft's studios have been known to contribute to each other's projects when needs arise, but the possibility of a new IP from The Coalition certainly sparks the imagination, either way.

What do you think? Would you like to see The Coalition tackle a new IP? Does Gears of War need a bit of a rest? Or would you like to see Gears 6 first? Hit the comments, let us know.

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