Pre-order the Steam Deck: Reservations starting tonight - information on purchasing

Pre-order the Steam Deck: Reservations starting tonight - information on purchasing

Pre-order the Steam Deck

Valve has introduced a handheld system for PC games with Steam Deck. The system, which is reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch, is due to appear in December 2021 - a specific date is not yet available. Interested parties will have the opportunity to pre-order Steam Deck from this evening: Valve will take initial reservations from 7 p.m. German time. There are three models to choose from - between 419 and 679 euros.

The cheapest variant includes a 64 gigabyte eMMC as storage medium. Valve charges 549 euros for the Steam Deck model with a 256 GB NVMe SSD. If you choose the 512 GB version with an even faster NVMe SSD, you pay 679 euros. In addition, the most expensive version comes with an anti-reflective and etched glass. Each model comes with a carrying case. If desired, the internal memory can be expanded with a microSD card.


Steam Deck: Valve announces Nintendo Switch competitor loadVideoPlayer ('84078', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured ', 12, '16: 9', false, 1376007, false, 69900, 260, false, 0, '', '', false); Pre-order games for Steam Deck: Reservations from July 16, 7 pm

If you want to pre-order Steam Deck, you have to plan an additional reservation fee of 4 euros. "Reservations should guarantee an orderly and fair ordering process for customers as soon as the Steam Deck is in stock. The reservation fee signals your interest in purchasing the product and provides us with better data on balancing the supply chain, inventory and regional distribution before the start of the sale." , announced Valve.

Price Memory Extras 419 Euro 64 GB eMMC carrying case 549 Euro 256 GB NVMe-SSD Faster memory, carrying case, exclusive Steam Community profile bundle 679 Euro 512 GB NVMe-SSD Fastest memory, anti-reflective & etched glass, exclusive carrying case , exclusive Steam community profile bundle, virtual keyboard with exclusive design As soon as you have reserved the handheld, Valve joins you in a queue. "Customers will be notified by e-mail in the order of reservation as soon as the devices are in stock," adds the manufacturer. The invitations to order should be sent from December 2021. Valve wants to try to actually convert all reservations into orders. However, there is no guarantee of availability. The reservation queue and expected availability periods for orders are different in each region, Valve said. So German players do not line up with US players.

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Steam Deck pre-order guide: how to reserve Valve's handheld PC (it's complicated)

Valve is joining the handheld party with Steam Deck; a portable, handheld gaming PC that runs an optimised version of Steam OS so you can play your triple A titles on the go. Pre-orders open today, and they're a little convoluted, but anything that beats the scalpers and their bots is worth a little extra effort. 

There are three models to choose from which increase in storage size and speed as the price goes up. Everything else is equal, with the handheld sporting a 7-inch 60hz LCD screen capable of 1200 x 800 16:10 resolution and running your games at a smooth 60fps. Steam Deck isn't shipping until December, but reservations open today. It's not as straightforward as you might think, with measures in place to make sure Valve doesn't see the same scalper problem that has plagued both the Xbox Series X and PS5 since launch. So let's dive in and get you that pre-order!

When do Steam Deck pre-orders go live?

Steam Deck pre-orders open on July 16 at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT / 6PM BST and there are three models to choose from, with the details laid out below. The storage and speed of the handheld increase as the price goes up, but there are a few extras thrown in to make it slightly less painful. You can check out the summary of each option below before scrolling down to the nitty gritty of the pre-order process.   

Steam Deck

(Image credit: Valve)

Steam Deck entry-level model
  • Price: $399 / £349 (approx. AU$538) 
  • Storage: 64GB eMMC (Embedded Multimedia Card)
  • Carrying case
  • Steam Deck standard model
  • Price: $529 / £459 (approx. AU$713)
  • Storage: 256GB NVMe SSD 
  • Faster storage
  • Carrying case
  • Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle
  • Steam Deck premium model
  • Price: $649 / £569 (approx. AU$875)
  • Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD
  • Fastest storage
  • Premium anti-glare etched glass
  • Exclusive carrying case
  • Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle
  • Exclusive virtual keyboard theme
  • Steam Deck

    (Image credit: Valve)

    Yes, Steam Deck pre-orders require a reservation fee

    Valve has implemented a number of caveats to 'ensure a fair ordering process.' First up is the reservation fee. This will be $5 (which we assume will be £5 for UK customers). The fee is described as 'a clearer signal of intent to purchase,' allowing for Valve to 'balance supply chain, inventory, and regional distribution' as the reservations roll in. The reservation fee counts towards your Steam Deck purchase so you won't lose the cash. 

    The fee is refundable if you don't order your Steam Deck in the given window of time (more on that below) via whichever payment method you use. That only applies if the refund occurs within 30 days of your reservation. It if falls outside of the initial 30 days, your refund will go to your Steam Wallet. 

    Steam Deck pre-orders made on July 16 and July 17

    During the first 48 hours that Steam Deck pre-orders are open, only certain people will actually be able to get through the process. In another move to stamp out scalpers, only those of you who have made a purchase on Steam prior to June 2021 will be able to place a reservation. 

    'We are aware of potential unauthorized resellers, and as an additional safeguard to ensure a fair ordering process, we’ve added a requirement that the reserver has made a purchase on Steam prior to June 2021 for the first 48 hours of reservation availability,' says the Valve Steam Deck reservation FAQ.  

    Everyone else will have to wait until Sunday. As an added bonus, only one Steam Deck can be ordered per Steam account, so this should stop scalpers jumping on the first batch of hardware and hoovering it all up.

    Steam Deck

    (Image credit: Valve)

    How do Steam Deck pre-orders work? 

    Now that we've got the requirements out of the way, how does the Steam Deck pre-order system actually work? After you've picked your model, handed over your reservation fee, and got in on the first wave or waited until Sunday, here's what happens next.

    Once you get through the reservation process, you'll be entered into a queue. As soon as stock is available, customers will be contacted by email in the order in whcih they entered the queue.  

    Reservations are regional, and you'll need a Steam account to place one. Your Steam account must also be in a valid country with your account in 'good standing'. It's also worth nothing that you'll only be able to order the model you chose at the point of submitting your reservation.  

    Valve is aiming to start sending out invitations to actually place orders by December, 2021, but does say that it can't guarantee availability. If you miss the allocated window given to you to place your order, your reservation fee will be refunded in full. If you're happy with all of that, head to the Steam Deck reservation page.

    How to cancel Steam Deck pre-orders

    You can cancel your Steam Deck reservation at any time, but it'll possibly have an affect on the refund of your up front fee. As explained above, if you cancel within 30 days of placing your reservation, you'll get refunded via the payment method you used for your reservation. Anything past the 30 day window gets refunded to your Steam Wallet.  

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