How the super cashback ranking works

How the super cashback ranking works

On July 10, the announcement of the winners among the users with the highest number of payments with a message on the Io app. Details on times, deadlines and payments

The cashback wallet can be viewed on the Io app (photo Super sashback, final act. The consolidated ranking is expected on 10 July. It will be a notification from PagoPa sent directly on the Io app to make the publication known to the 7.9 million users who have made valid transactions from January to June: however, only the first 100 thousand with the highest number of transactions will be able to obtain a refund. fixed special from 1,500 euros. Less than 24 hours from the fateful moment, the minimum number of necessary operations is 787, for an average of 131 purchases electronically per month. This is a first step, because any complaints must be taken into account. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about state super cashback.

When and how will the super cashback be paid?

It will take five months from the end of the first semester, instead of the two originally planned. Law decree 99 of 20 June has moved the date from the end of August to 30 November. The 1,500 euros will be credited directly to the current account, provided that this has already been indicated in the "wallet" section of the Io app, by the expiry date of the semester (30 June), even in the event of any changes.

How and when is it possible to make a complaint?

Claims for missing or incorrect credit (therefore also for “normal” cashback) can be presented starting from July 15th and by August 29th next. Consap, the state company that manages payment transactions, has set up a special portal. The answer will arrive with a motivated reply within 30 days from the date of receipt and, in case of acceptance, the payment due will be arranged.

Who is chosen, in case of last position with equal merit?

The number of those who have registered the same number of valid transactions is very high. In case of a tie, the one who made the last one before the other participants will have priority. Therefore the temporal criterion prevails.

Can the super cashback be combined with the normal cashback program?

Yes, the two types of reimbursement add up, potentially reaching 1,650 euros. If two subjects are joint holders of the same Iban, but have used different electronic payment methods for their expenses, they could together accumulate 3,300 euros, if the conditions exist.

The super cashback will be modified or deleted?

The government has only suspended it together with the entire program, for the second half of 2021. For the recovery, as of January 2022 no changes have yet been announced. The hypotheses circulated so far on super cashback concern the possibility that a new algorithm or a minimum spending threshold will be developed to avoid micropayments. In fact, the only criterion to access the special refund has so far been the number of operations registered by the system for each account.

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