How the Enea tech foundation changes for the umpteenth time

How the Enea tech foundation changes for the umpteenth time

250 million out of 500 reserved for green and circular economy, ICT, deeptech, green and agritech, the funds are partly redirected to biomedical too

(Photo: Corbis Images) With an amendment to the Sostegni bis decree law, the parliamentary conversion brought further changes to the aims and purposes of the Enea Tech foundation which, after becoming Enea Biomedical Tech, now changes its name again to Enea Tech and Biomedical. After being conceived by the Conte bis government, with a fund dedicated to technology transfer initiatives, the Sostegni bis dl intervened by deciding that 200 million of the 500 supplied were destined for biomedical, making a first change in the body's name. Now, the amendment has established that 250 million will be reserved for sectors of the green and circular economy, ICT, deeptech, green and agritech, according to reports from the Republic, and that resources will be increased by 400 million euros.

The foundation, whose site is still not updated, has remained in a stalemate, after being born amidst perplexities. Due on the one hand for the initial similarity with the technology transfer purposes envisaged with the National Innovation Fund of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, on the other hand for the alleged distorting effects that it could have caused on the market in startup financing.

It must be said that the institution, with 30 people in force, had a thousand startup projects that it had examined with a call opened on February 16 and closed in May. An agreement was signed with the European Space Agency (ESA) to evaluate projects in the space economy, and shortly before one with Emilia Romagna to support the regional innovative fabric. And in the tech world, as Repubblica always writes, there are those who defend and support the original model of Enea tech. Now, however, the government has confirmed its will to transform Enea Tech into a new body destined to support industrial reconversions in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, confirming the refocusing of the 500 million previously destined for technology transfer.

"It will be fundamental , now, that in preparing the statute of the Enea Tech and Biomedical Foundation it is clear that startups, innovative SMEs and university spinoffs must be among the first beneficiaries of the resources ”, explains Francesco Cerruti, general manager of Vc Hub, the Italian venture capital association. "We hope that the order in which many valuable projects were already under consideration by the previous foundation will be respected, to fulfill the last formal steps preparatory to the allocation", continues Cerruti, fearing the risk that in the end "more careful industrial policies will prevail to traditional sectors and to technological sectors on which to focus to build the future of our economy ".

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