The Black Series - Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Crosshair | Review

The Black Series - Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Crosshair | Review

The Black Series - Star Wars

For the line The Black Series - Star Wars: The Bad Batch comes from Hasbro the new action figure of Crosshair, the sniper of Clone Force 99, the second example of the wave dedicated to The Bad Batch, the spin off of the animated series The Clone Wars available only on Disney Plus. The Black Series line is one of the cornerstones of the American company and from a simple series of toys in a few years it has also become very coveted by Star Wars Gadget collectors who find various elements similar to them such as a level packaging and a very affordable product cost and noteworthy details.

Crosshair, the sniper

Crosshair is one of many genetically engineered Jango Fett clones. A member of Clone Force 99, better known as Bad Batch, he is the silent and deadly sniper of the group. Unlike the other team members, due to his particular mutation, he appears not to be immune to Palpatine's Order 66. After the group's return to Kamino, he attracted the attention of Admiral Tarkin who had him subjected to a modification of the chip, thus being able to enslave him for his own purposes, thus putting him against the rest of the group. Deprived of his own free will, Crosshair decides to abandon Clone Force 99 serving the Empire with a promotion that brings him to the military rank of Commander. Crosshair's appearance is characterized by a very lean and slender body with shaved gray hair and a huge crosshair tattoo around the dominant eye. His aim is infallible and he always travels accompanied by his trusty snyper rifle. After becoming a Commander of the Empire, his uniform, the classic attack plate armor, appears totally black, very reminiscent of the Death Troopers seen for the first time in Rogue One. The rumors on the net, in fact, lead us to think that Crosshair may have been the first of this elite of imperial stormtroopers, but they are still only suppositions.

Packaging and Blister

The packaging of the figures , in perfect line with the design of the most recent releases, it has a trapezoidal prism shape. The front part, which also features a transparent plastic window, allows us to see its contents and also shows the various logos of Hasbro, Star Wars and The Black Series line. On the lower part is the name of Crosshair and on a dark red strip the television series from which it is taken, precisely Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the latest creation by Dave Filoni aired on Disney Plus. sports a beautiful illustration of Crosshair in armor with shades ranging from black and white to dark red. A very interesting feature of this type of packaging is that by placing the various figures side by side one after the other, a sort of larger illustration can be formed with the various components of the Bad Batch. The back, in addition to reproducing the previous illustration again, presents a very short synopsis of the character in various languages, but not in Italian. The blister is really minimalist, inside we find the figure, a wearable helmet, a rifle, a pistol and a tactical backpack with a rifle holder.

The Black Series - The Bad Batch - # 02 Crosshair

Star Wars theCrosshair is the second action figure of the Wave dedicated to The Bad Batch. Once unpacked, it visibly appears to be of excellent workmanship with the latest generation of joints and quality details. In addition to the armor of the Clone Force, faithfully reproduced with lots of scratches, there are various additional elements of its kit, such as the cartridge belt and the leatherette belt that enrich the figure with similarity and details compared to its animated counterpart. The figure is also equipped with a sniper rifle, which Crosshair never separates from and a blaster pistol that can be stowed in the special holster on the side. Crosshair is a very detailed action figure, just think that in addition to having a sculpt meticulously reproduced in every detail, including the mark on the right eye, it is equipped with a wearable helmet with an electronic viewfinder (like that of the Mandalorians) that can be lowered. The only negative thing we can say about this helmet is that perhaps they should have (and certainly could have) drawn the crosshair symbol also on the latter where it is totally absent.

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