Fallout 76: We spoke to the developers about the future of the game

Fallout 76: We spoke to the developers about the future of the game

Fallout 76

If you've been playing Fallout 76 since the beginning, you know that the start was anything but perfect. And even if it started out more than bumpy and the discovery of the wasteland suffered from the strong turbulence, the developers have now brought a number of improvements into the game. Fortunately for the players, the developers have not written off Fallout 76, but continue to expand the world with new updates. We had the opportunity to get information on upcoming content and the future of the game directly from Project Leader Jeff Gardiner and Design Lead Mark Tucker.

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Late bloom

Fallout 76: We talked to the developers about the future of the game (1) Source: Bethesda During the revision and expansion, the developers thankfully followed the feedback from the players. Even if there were sometimes inconsistencies, in retrospect it can be said that Fallout 76 now offers a well-rounded gaming experience. In view of minor bug fixes and major updates such as Wastelanders or Steel Dawn, you can tell that the developers are doing everything they can to save Fallout 76 and make it the game it should be at the beginning - namely a coherent experience for Fallout Fans and newcomers to the Vault.

With the last five years in mind, many games that got off to a bad start have failed in terms of service and development. Anthem is a prime example. Fortunately, Fallout 76 (buy now / 35.99 €) will continue to receive new content.

Because even after a number of dead incendiary beasts and umpteen nuclear-bombed areas, the chapter in the wastelands of Appalachia is far from over. The Brotherhood of Steel is currently getting its second questline, which, by the way, should keep you busy for as long as the story from the first update on the Steel Buddies. The new update Steel Reign, which was released on all platforms on July 7th, also brought new content for fans and newcomers.

Time to act

Fallout 76: We have with the Developers talked about the future of the game (3) Source: Bethesda Also part of the party is the possibility of making legendary items yourself. The difference to the previous system is that you can upgrade any items to random legendary versions. There is also a wandering trader who sells legendary blueprints. This is not supposed to steal the customers of Vault residents like Reg and will make it easier for you to get your hard-earned gold bars with very special, time-limited offers. Mark Tucker also emphasized that there is a lot of flexibility in the design of the dealer and thus this can be better tailored to the players and their preferences. If you also want to find out more about the new content, have a look here.

The developers have also been able to give us some information about the content of future updates. These should be optimally adapted to the previous changes. For example, the legendary items with four stars coming towards the end of the year should be seamlessly integrated into the crafting system. The crafting system itself should also receive some changes based on the feedback from the playable version on the test servers.

Adieu, Appalachia

Fallout 76: We talked to the developers about the future of the Game spoken (4) Source: Bethesda The developers also have big plans with Fallout 76 for next year. As already announced at E3, they want to leave Appalachia with "The Expeditions, the Pitt" and give the players new and well-known places to discover . The Pitt should already be known to Fallout veterans, as this location is the setting for a DLC from Fallout 3. It is a post-apocalyptic version of Pittsburgh. The city occupied by raiders in Fallout 3 returns to the Fallout universe in 2022. What this looks like in Fallout 76 is still unknown apart from a few individual pictures.

In addition, the player should be motivated to return to this place again and again. With "The Expeditions" the creators want to offer the players an inspiring experience with a high replay value. How exactly the quests will look like, i.e. whether they resemble daily events or whether they are embedded in a questline, is uncertain. The Expedtions should not have been all that lies ahead of us in the future.

Because next year should also be a good year for architects. According to the developers, the camp system is to be further developed, and without giving more precise details, players should be able to look forward to welcoming their friends and other players as visitors to their camp more frequently and also to being able to visit other player camps themselves.

Next-gen future

Versions of the game for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S are also planned. The next-gen upgrade should have a positive effect on the performance of the game. So far, Fallout 76 only runs at 30 FPS on consoles, but that should change on the new devices. There is not yet an exact release date for the next-gen version, but according to the developers, a small team is already working on the implementation.

Even if the developers are still rather cautious about concrete future plans in places the good news for all fans that after the bad start there are still many plans for the future of Fallout 76.

It remains to be seen whether the new content will help Fallout 76 continue in the future interesting to keep.

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