CulturaPOP presents: the comic and its authors, Stefano Landini

CulturaPOP presents: the comic and its authors, Stefano Landini

CulturaPOP presents

Last episode of the season for CulturaPOP presents: the comic and its authors. On Monday 19 July, starting at 5 pm, CulturaPOP will host on its Twitch channel one of the most active Italian designers outside and beyond: Stefano Landini.

The designer from Emilia will take us behind the scenes of the creation of Voraci, a graphic novel made for the French market based on texts by Christophe Bec, to be released on 22 July by saldaPress.

Moderated by Domenico Bottalico.

CulturaPOP presents: comics and its authors

CulturaPOP presents: comics and its authors is a monthly space in which national and international writers and designers will be guests of the Twitch channel of CulturaPOP to tell the background, anecdotes and curiosities about the work behind the volumes and comic books that arrive in the bookstore and comic shop.

Stefano Landini and Voraci

About Stefano Landini:

He was born in Sassuolo in 1977 and worked first as a graphic designer, then a fashion designer and finally made his passion a profession becoming a cartoonist. He made his debut as a professional on the pages of Lanciostory and Skorpio for Eura Editrice, and began his collaboration with Roberto Recchioni with John Doe, Detective Dante and Ammazzatine republished for NPE Editore. For Becco Giallo he created La banda della Magliana.

In the same years he also began working for the United States for the major publishing houses, Marvel and DC on publications such as: Fear it Self, House of Mystery, Black Hand, and together with Giuseppe Camuncoli he worked as a finisher on Heralds of Galactus, Jonah Hex, Hellblazer, 52. The collaboration with Camuncoli continues for Ankama with whom he publishes Maori. ? Since 2014 he starts working for Sergio Bonelli Editore on the “Le Storie” series. For Mondadori he made his own volume of Kriminal. In 2016 he signed with Disney and created a volume of illustrations for Lucas on Star Wars. He is currently working on Dylan Dog color fest, on a project with Cristophe Bec for Glénat, and for Marvel Studios. He has recently released the new expansion for DV Giochi's famous card game Bang. He lives, not so happy, together with his three women.

About Voraci:

New Delhi, 2025. A terrifying zombie outbreak has forced government officials to lock themselves up in a large underground bunker. Their only hope is represented by a humanitarian convoy carrying a handful of soldiers, which left the Pakistani province of Baluchistan to help the population of the Indian megalopolis. A whole desert to cross. Over 1300 kilometers to be covered. A single safe refueling station. And hordes of extremely voracious, flesh-hungry undead to deal with. Written by the star of the French comic Christophe Bec and drawn - with an elegant black and white that evokes the atmosphere of The Walking Dead - by the Italian Stefano Landini, Voraci is a self-contained volume that projects the classic invasion of Romerian zombies in an unprecedented Indian scenario of a not too distant future, giving life to a sort of World War Z without any happy ending.

The appointment with CulturaPOP presents: the comic and its authors, Stefano Landini is for Monday 19 June starting at 5 pm on the Twitch channel of Cutura POP!

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