Captive: the review of the comic game

Captive: the review of the comic game


Those who have carefully followed the Italian game book scene of the last ten years will probably remember the brief interlude dedicated to the so-called "fumettigame". Published by Cranio Editions, they were the Italian translations of original French comics, published by the Makaka Edition.

Unfortunately, for one reason or another (first of all the lack of publicity dedicated to the operation) the series did not have the desired development and ended prematurely.

Really a great pity, because the French production of game comics, on the other hand, did not stop and has produced numerous series, ranging from the most classic fantasy to yellow, to adventure, passing through steampunk and western. Numerous comic games (or, as they call them in France, with the more complicated abbreviation "BD dont vous êtes le héros") have also been translated into English and other languages.

Now it is Vincent Books who, with the experience undoubtedly gained in the field and a new, wider distribution, intends to bring numerous comic books from the Makaka stable to Italy as well.

The latter, in fact, are mainly aimed at a school-age public, but have titles and genres that present a more mature audience, such as the present Captive (title that could be translated as "Prisoner").

Prisoner: only you can save her

The story opens without many pleasantries . In the first tables, we can see a little girl, looking like she could be from twelve to fourteen, walking quietly along the sidewalk, returning from the pool.

Kuwait: Woman held captive by family for 9 years freed

Dubai: Kuwait’s security authorities have freed a woman who was held captive at her family home for nine years, local media said.

In a rare incident, three sisters and two brothers held their sibling captive in a room in their house for nine years because she refused to return to her husband, who was 15 years older than her.

The public prosecution ordered the detention of the victim’s sisters and brothers on charges of deprivation of their sister’s liberty for nine years with the intent of harming her.

After nine years of detention, the victim managed to call her friend who in turn called the police and filed a report that the woman was being held captive by her three sisters and two brothers. 

The incident triggered a new wave of nationwide anger, with social media users and influencers calling for the need to put an end to violence against women in Kuwait.

Kuwait has recently witnessed a spike in domestic violence against women.

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