Apex Legends: Hackers are resorting to drastic methods to save Titanfall

Apex Legends: Hackers are resorting to drastic methods to save Titanfall

Apex Legends

The online game Apex Legends was apparently attacked by hackers who wanted to draw attention to the seemingly unplayable state of Titanfall. Several players in the battle royale shooter have reported that the Apex Legends server playlists have been tagged with the message "SAVETITANFALL.COM, TF1 is being attacked so is Apex".

Even after the end of a game there should have been a reference with the link to the website again and again. A statement on the website now makes it clear that the operators of "saveTitanfall.com" have nothing to do with the attack on Apex Legends. The Respawn Entertainment team has already taken care of the hack and got the battle royale shooter running again.


Apex Legends: New heroine Valkyrie lets it crash in the trailer loadVideoPlayer ('83786', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 12, '16: 9 ', false, 1375233, false, 268255, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); Apex Legends from € 16.62 For several months now, Titanfall 1 players have been asking for more attention for the game. The website is one of the attempts to make Respawn Entertainment aware of the state of the shooter. The title from 2014, which can only be played online, is regularly attacked by hackers who sometimes take entire servers offline, making Titanfall unplayable. In the Steam forums, too, numerous players complain about the shooter's hackers. Most recently, Respawn Entertainment announced in April that help is on the way - but there have always been new failures.

At the end of last year, a job advertisement from the developer studio revealed that the makers were working on a brand new IP . The sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is also said to be in production. The next-gen version of Part 1 was recently released.

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Hacker targets 'Apex Legends' in plea to fix 'Titanfall' hacking

Apex Legends has reportedly been hacked to raise awareness over the unplayable state of developer Respawn's other game series Titanfall. Players have taken to social media to report that the battle royale's server playlists are being replaced with a message that reads 'SAVETITANFALL.COM, TF1 is being attacked so is Apex.' Gamers also received an 'Important Message' popup after matches directing them to the same URL that has been active for a few months now, according to PC Gamer. 

The resulting disruption to matchmaking in Apex Legends prompted Respawn to publish a server update that it said resolved the issue. In tweets, the studio added that the attack 'has not put players’ personal information or accounts at risk.'

While game hacking is often associated with cheating or theft, it seems in this case it was an extreme case of fan frustration over Respawn's lack of attention toward Titanfall. Using it to advocate for an end to game hacks is also something you don't see that often.

In short, Titanfall has suffered from numerous vulnerabilities that are leading to crashed or overloaded servers and disconnections. After years of complaints, Respawn recently confirmed that it was working on a fix for the problems, which have plagued the title on Origin and Steam.

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