Fortnite: Before the start of Season 7 - you should do that now

Fortnite: Before the start of Season 7 - you should do that now


Epic Games is preparing the activation of Season 7 for Fortnite: The start is planned for June 8th. Next Tuesday, the 17.00 update will also be available for download, which will display the new content for the Battle Royale shooter. It is already clear that PC gamers can look forward to improved graphics. In preparation for the new season, Epic Games presents things that you should still do in the current season "Primeval".

Make sure that you have completed all open anomaly contracts in order to avoid every jump. Unlock the Style of Agent Jones. "Keep an eye out for glowing crack fragments near the location mentioned in the assignment and follow the directions to complete the challenge," said Epic Games. Those who have already reached level 100 in the Battle Pass may be on the verge of unlocking an exclusive superlevel style for Tarana, Raz or the Spire Assassin. You can use it to decorate your outfits with runes, gold and chrome. Epic Games provides details on this in another blog entry.

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UFOs in Fortnite: Players are kidnapped by aliens

In the battle royale shooter Fortnite, an invasion by aliens is imminent. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO X360 0

Fortnite: Update 16.50 brings back popular weapon - Patch Notes with the information

Epic Games has released the Fortnite Update 16.50 as a download. The new patch is available after a downtime. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO X360 0

Fortnite offline: Server downtime for update 16.50 today - first information about the patch

Fortnite offline: Epic Games announces a server downtime for the battle royale shooter - the Update 16.50 is imminent. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1373338,1373193,1372666,1372636'; You should also visit Orelia as Lara Croft. The "Anniversary in Gold" style is unlocked when you as Lara Croft steal Orelia's legendary assault rifle. The Spire order series can also be completed in Fortnite (buy now 37.95 €) before the start of Season 7. In it you compete against Glyph Master Raz to unlock the style of this dark thief for your locker. Epic said: "We know that some players have had difficulty with The Spire quests, so we're giving the Glyph Master style to players who have progressed on The Spire quest and the Raz outfit is at level 50 on the Battle Pass have unlocked. "

Please also note that your accumulated bars will be reset with the activation of Season 7. So if you still have gold lying around, you should invest it in items before the start of the new season on June 8 - or for weapon upgrades. The current Wild Week is all about discounts: ideal for spending the bars. Finally, we recommend that you complete your fishing rod collection. "While you're at it, you can take a look at your character collection and see if you've already said hello to all the characters on the island," add the developers.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6: Storyline so far and what to expect next season

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is ending soon and Epic has already started to reveal some upcoming content. Gamers are eagerly waiting for Chapter 2 Season 7 to drop.

Fortnite Season 7 will see the game shifting from a Primal theme to an Alien theme. Gamers are curious to know how Fortnite's storyline will continue.

Before the new season kicks off, it is necessary to discuss the storyline of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

Fortnite Season 6's storyline begins in Season 5. Agent Jones was sent into the loop to prevent loopers from leaving.

Agent Jones got hold of the portal device that opened a rift in time and space to gather fighters and adventurers from multiple dimensions. This influenced Zero Point, and by the end of the season, it was going to collapse.

The IO lost all faith in Agent Jones and his security privileges were taken away. Jones took matters into his hands during the Zero Crisis event and gamers witnessed the introduction of Dr. Slone. However, the doctor's role is still a mystery.

Jones uses the portal device to bring a founding member of the Seven to the island. This led to the arrival of the Foundation who immediately recognized Jones as an enemy.

Jones negotiated with the Foundation, and the two agreed to help each other. Jones agrees to give the Foundation Geno and his sisters in return for fixing the Zero Point.

The effort to fix the Zero Point goes in vain and the Foundation had to seal himself into the Zero Point. As a result, Agent Jones was permanently stuck within the loop.

Loopers woke up stuck in the loop. However, the map had changed a lot. The containment of the Zero Point changed parts of the island to a prehistoric theme.

Loopers got new NPCs to interact with, Tarana being one of them being. She has a refined understanding of ancient artifacts.

In exchange for completing some fetch quests, Tarana offers loopers a strange device. However, it was revealed that the device was stolen by Raz.

Raz has studied the Spire throughout his life and is ambitious of controlling the power it hides. The device loopers get from Raz turns out to be an audio device. The audio clip seems to belong to Jonesy, and it asks loopers to listen to the crystal song.

The crystals were hidden in the walls of the Spire. Loopers were able to get hold of the crystals by disguising themselves as Spire Guardians. Spire Gurdains possess an IO medallion. Therefore, gamers anticipate that the Spire Gurdains are members of the IO.

Loopers were able to interact with the Foundation, who revealed a secret message that read 'Jones Knows!'

Fortnite Season 6 had a lot of Jones on the island spread across the map. Therefore, it was difficult to point towards anyone specific. Gamers will have to interact with all of the Jonesys in Fortnite to ask about the loop.

Interacting with all the Jonesys on the island revealed a lot of information. Some of these were significant while the others were just casual interactions.

Cabbie Jonesy denies working with the Foundation and revealed that he's looking for an opportunity to beat him up.

Loopers can encounter Jonesy the First near Pleasant Park. However, he is really suspicious. Loopers can extract information from him by offering some good scrap materials.

Jonesy the First reveals that the Spire will make loopers powerful, but it will also expose their weaknesses. He issued a warning towards the loopers stating that if the Spire corrupts someone powerful, it will be difficult for Jones to get out of the loop.

Jonesy the First also hinted that Spire would attract attention. However, he refrained from stating its source. Loopers anticipated that Jonesy was talking about IO. However, the recent alien interaction reveals that he was talking about the extra terrestrial animals.

Jonesy's prediction came true as loopers encountered Raz venturing near the Spire and becoming corrupted and volatile.

Jonesy asks loopers to defeat Raz and take the artifact. Loopers discovered the artifact to be a shard from Kevin the Cube. Loopers anticipate Raz wants to bring back the Storm King, the original version of the Cube from Fortnite Save the World.

Fortnite Season 6 has already implemented alien interaction on the island. Jonesy's prediction has come true, and it seems the Spire has attracted the Aliens. Loopers are excited about the upcoming season and it will be interesting to watch how the storyline proceeds in Fortnite Season 7.

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