Apex Legends: Arenas are the real gem of the season 9 - special

Apex Legends: Arenas are the real gem of the season 9 - special

Apex Legends

Staying afloat in the battle royale landscape is by no means an easy task. In fact, Epic Games has been continuously injecting content of an extremely varied nature on Fortnite for years. Not only the classic skins made in collaboration with football teams and cinematic brands but also virtual concerts and advertising activities with a worldwide impact. Warzone, on the other hand, for its part, joins annually with the new Call of Duty on duty, all in an attempt to keep the community cohesive. Escamotages that work and have completely saturated the market over the years.

Apex Legends is competing for the place on the podium in terms of number of players and worldwide importance, but it has been able to give up the decoy of various kinds to focus solely on related content and updates to the game. Drastic and continuous changes to Olympus, new Legends and of course content and balances, and then amaze everyone during Season 9 with the arrival on the game servers of the chat Arene, the true gem of Apex Legends.

Ready to become the king of the arena?

Balanced rounds are the thing we absolutely love Instead of pouring content solely and exclusively on the battle Royale mode, Respawn has decided to implement an unexpected move, bringing a game system of those adrenaline and certainly fun, able to catalyze the attention of those looking for faster matches and with more balanced rules than Battle Royale. In short, it seems immediately obvious, as soon as you set foot in the arenas, that the randomness, luck and unpredictability of the equipment given to our opponents are completely canceled in favor of mechanics that can be studied and whose consequent choices can be exploited. to add layers of depth to tactics.

The Arenas have thus begun to talk and in a short time a large community of players has been created, only wanting to be able to concentrate on this mode while waiting to cross the bullets and the skill through a system of ranked games. Unfortunately, the evolution of the arenas has been delayed and it is a few days ago the news that the coveted ranked matches will arrive exclusively with Season 10, currently scheduled for the second week of August. Until then, we just have to wait, try the maps in rotation, better understand the balance of weapons and find out which is the Legend that best suits our way of playing.

Just a few weeks ago you we talked about the most useful Legends on Apex Legends and in the Arenas, net of personal tastes, we would like to reiterate the concept. The new entry Valkyrie is truly devastating given her ability to see in advance the movements of the opponents as well as Bloodhound becomes essential for identifying enemies through the walls and guaranteeing a huge advantage to their teammates. What absolutely to take into consideration at this juncture is the decidedly reduced size of the battlefield structured for clashes between six players, but also capable of leaving large spaces where to take advantage of the Apex slide, wall movements or the skills of specific legends such as Pathfinder. .

A perfect ecosystem

The brand new map of the Arenas is all based on lava The ecosystem set up by Respawn could therefore have a life of its own and has kidnapped us to such an extent that lately we holed up to play only in this mode. Of the arenas we appreciate their being fair in everything, with a base that draws heavily from titles such as Valorant or Counter Strike, however, declining the final result to the world of Apex, with additions and particularities that make the game unique.

The idea of ​​giving an equal amount of initial credits to each player, for example, with which to then buy weapons, optics and gadgets at will, is obviously not a novelty in a competitive shooter, but the will to let the playing field decide the winner and not an unlucky round emerges from arrogance after a few moments. We have often seen how losing the first round often means having an unbalanced economy even for the following ones while in Apex at the end of the battle the scores are reset and you can start playing again without any disadvantage.

The credits available to the teams will therefore be identical throughout the match ensuring an absolute meritocracy difficult to find in other titles of the genre. The only advantage, if we want to call it that, is given by the possibility of collecting some resources on the playing field valid for the next round, a way to provide players with secondary objectives that can go beyond simply killing all the opponents.

Ranked matches are the only real big lack, for now So we move quickly to reach the hot spots before the opponents and the phenomenon of camping, a fatal mechanic in competitions, is however extremely limited by the narrowing of the game area, which not only forces you to move around the map, but also forces you to provide multiple choices of guns that don't always include sniper rifles only. This leads to a varied and dynamic package of situations, for games with an always uncertain outcome and extremely different from each other.

A dynamic map rotation gives further variety to a unique mode that gives great emotions. Some arenas are structured around small portions of Olympus, to leave a certain familiarity to Apex players while others have been designed completely from scratch for this specific mode and rotate weekly so as not to tire. Just as we write more maps have been announced, with lots of new events to accompany their arrival. The future is yet to be discovered but Respawn has laid a more than solid foundation for having something valuable in your hands.

Have you noticed any mistakes?

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