Xiaomi: now smartphones can report and monitor earthquakes, here are which ones

Xiaomi: now smartphones can report and monitor earthquakes, here are which ones


Xiaomi is working on a system that can monitor earthquakes. This will be possible thanks to the synchronization of the information detected by sensors and those processed by dedicated artificial intelligence algorithms.

When activated, this real-time monitoring will be able to collect essential data and make the calamity report widespread, after which it will be compared with the alerts that other smartphones in the vicinity will generate.

Xiaomi already has an earthquake reporting "service" in China but is now taking a step forward with field monitoring. The new function will find space in devices in the coming months and it would seem that it can be activated on smartphones that will / will receive MIUI 12.5 onwards. Currently it is possible to register as a volunteer (for now only in China) to ensure that the device can be allowed to transmit such data.

The sensors that deal with monitoring make a pairing with each other by communicating if they have warned a seismic wave c, by consulting the artificial intelligence algorithms, decide whether the perceived one is an earthquake or not. If the answer is yes, a notification will reach the alert center in charge and the latter, to produce an immediate response, will decide to activate the seismic event plan.

Thanks to the information coming from the smartphones present near the place where the event occurred, it will be possible to calculate the magnitude, the position of the epicenter and the warning notices will reach all smartphones in the area where the danger was detected.

This data monitoring, says Xiaomi, will not compromise the user's privacy in any way. The device, if authorized, will automatically transmit the data collected in total anonymity. For now the function can be used in China but Xiaomi could agree with the European control center (INGV in Italy) to propose its interesting solution.

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Xiaomi to launch Mi 11 Lite 4G India in June: Check expected price, specs and more

a cup of coffee on a table © Provided by Zee News

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is set to launch the Mi 11 Lite smartphone in India in the month of June. However, there is no official confirmation of the date of its release yet.

According to a report by BGR India, Mi 11 Lite 4G will be launched later in June but there is no official communication from Xiaomi about the date on which it is going to launch.

Xiaomi plans to only bring the 4G variant to India and not the 5G model and that is going to be the cheapest version of Mi smartphones in the country. Currently, the Mi 10i is available in the country at a price of around Rs 20,000.

Mi 10i is up for sale at a price starting at Rs 20,999 for the 6GB RAM + 64GB of internal storage. The other variants of the Mi 10i available in the country include the 6GB RAM + 128GB storage and 8GB RAM + 128GB storage at Rs 21,999 and Rs 23,999, respectively.

The upcoming Mi 11 Lite is expected to be priced under the range of Rs 25,000. That's a mere assumption as the exact prices are not revealed yet.

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