Who can control the green pass?

Who can control the green pass?

A decree identifies the figures authorizing to check the green pass, through an app that will read the QR code on Io, Immuni or on the printed sheet

The cashback wallet can be viewed on the Io app (photo io.italia .it) For the next few months we will have to get used to using the green pass, the European certification that certifies vaccination, recovery or negativity to a test for Covid-19. The certificate may be requested to be able to move on the national territory or, from next July 1st, to the European one and to participate in some public events.

In Italy it is possible to request it from June 17th, but according to what some have told users on Twitter, before obtaining it you need to have a little patience and it could take a few hours between sending the request and receiving the document. The green pass is automatically issued for all vaccinations carried out starting from 27 December 2020 in the first week of the national platform and by 28 June. Availability will therefore not be immediate. Those who have already had the vaccine will receive a message via email or text message when the certification is available. After obtaining it (here are the instructions to request it), how will the checks work?

The checks of the green pass

In order to verify its validity, in Italy, an application called VerificationC19 will be used . The app allows you to check the green pass and the personal details of the person to whom it is registered, by reading the QR code shown on the document saved on the Immuni app, for contact tracking, and Me, for public administration services, or obtained through the dedicated government website, through the electronic health record or through the doctors and pharmacists in charge. The holder will then have to confirm their identity by showing a valid identification document.

Who can check the green pass?

According to the decree signed last June 17 by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, the first figures authorized to check the certificate will be the forces of order and public officials in the exercise of their functions.

In events

The personnel responsible for checking the security of events, ceremonies or shows open to the public are also authorized to check the green passes. the public and the owners of the structures in which they take place

During the trips

The personnel of the airlines, shipping or transport companies will be able to verify the certificate and, according to what is reported in paragraph C of 13 of the decree, also the “owners of accommodation facilities and public establishments” in which it is requested. However, the decree does not specify in which facilities it is mandatory and on the same day as the decree is issued, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza told Corriere della Sera that hoteliers, restaurateurs and shopkeepers will not be authorized to request the certificate.

In health care

In structures that offer health, social-health and assistance services, for which the certificate is required from visitors or female visitors, the pass can be checked by the personnel in charge and by the managers of the structures. It is important to underline that the verification activity, as specified in the decree, does not involve or authorize the collection of the data of the green pass holder.

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