In a year we move to the new digital terrestrial: how to get the TV bonus

In a year we move to the new digital terrestrial: how to get the TV bonus

In a year we move to the new digital terrestrial

From July 2022 the transition to new technology. Here's how to check if the TV supports it and how to ask for the government's 50 euro bonus

Photo by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay In exactly one year, the television technological transition will be completed with the adoption of the second generation broadcasting standard, the Dvb -T2 (with H-265 or Hevc encoding), which will allow broadcasters to continue transmitting the same amount of channels on new frequencies, since part of the electromagnetic spectrum will be transferred to mobile telephony (700 megahertz band). The transition will take place between 21 and 30 June 2022 and, since then, only televisions or decoders equipped with the new transmission and coding standards will be able to receive the signal.

Another technological evolution on the horizon it concerns the transition from Mpeg2 to Mpeg4 encoding, which will make only high definition (HD) channels visible as early as September 1, 2021 (when progressive re-tuning for geographical areas will also start). Checking if the device in possession is suitable for new technologies is easy. Just try to watch channels 501 (Raiuno Hd), 505 (Canale 5 Hd) and 507 (La7 Hd): if at least one is visible, the television is ready for the first technological step, otherwise it is likely that it will have to be replaced already within the next two months. For the second technological step, it is possible to check if the receiver is already ready for the new transmission coding by trying to display the test channels 100 and 200: the message “Test Hevc Main10” should appear if it is compatible with the new standard.

In any case, the technical specification should be specified in the manual of the device, taking into account that starting from December 22, 2018, the retailers have been obliged to sell the televisions that support the Dvb-T2, therefore those bought after that date they should be "safe".

How to get the 50 euro TV bonus

Anyone wishing to continue watching television and therefore replace the device for a reason or other, he can make use of the TV bonus of up to 50 euros made available by the government on condition that the family's Isee value does not exceed 20 thousand euros. To obtain the new generation TV or decoder bonus it is necessary to submit the request for recognition of the contribution at the time of purchase, using the specific form provided by the Ministry for Economic Development (Mise).

The document is an application with the applicant's personal data, to be presented directly to the seller to obtain a discount of up to 50 euros. If the product to be purchased costs less, the bonus will cover the entire expense. The application implies self-declaring a family Isee value not exceeding 20 thousand euros and that no other member of the nucleus has already benefited from the contribution (a bonus per family). A copy of a valid identity document and tax code must be presented together with the application.

You can check if the chosen product (TV, terrestrial or satellite decoder) is suitable and can be purchased with the bonus by looking for it in the special list of 505 pages published by Mise. This list can also be used to check if the TV already in possession is suitable, but without claiming to be complete.

The adhesion to the initiative by the operator is voluntary, therefore it is necessary to find a participating shop . The same goes for the online channel, which will have to prepare procedures for sending identity documents, together with the ministerial form. At the moment, families ready for the Mpeg4 format are 92%, those with Dvb-t2 58.2%, according to a research by the Bordoni foundation. The TV bonus can be requested until the end of 2022 or in any case until the end of the total allocation of 151 million euros.

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