[UPDATE] Gamestop: PlayStation 5 on sale now!

[UPDATE] Gamestop: PlayStation 5 on sale now!

[UPDATE] Gamestop

Update 15:35: only the bundle with disc available!

A day full of satisfactions for PlayStation 5 hunters! In fact, we would like to point out that, in addition to the sale of PS5 Digital Edition that is taking place right now on the pages of Mediaworld, GameStop is also back in charge, offering us a sale that, as usual, will open its doors starting at 15:30!

Definitely good news for everyone, given that Prime Day 2021 did not give us any satisfaction in this sense, with Amazon not reviving the console even on the occasion of these two intense days dedicated to discounts. Fortunately, GameStop wasted no time, and has just opened the new weekly sales of PlayStation 5, immediately opening its sales queue.

As always, therefore, you will not be able to buy the console freely, but you will have to be subject to certain rules including, one above all, participate in the aforementioned queue, putting yourself "digitally in line".

Be sure to clear your browser cache before queuing; Avoid reloading the page, as this will reset your priority in the queue, thus making you risk not accessing the portal in time; Leave the page open until you are inside the site. That said, this time we inform you that there is still no definite news on the portal's sales formula, although the sale of PlayStation 5 through the now "traditional" bundles that the chain has been offering for some time seems plausible. If so (it is clear that, at least usually, some consoles are available for sale in bulk), it would mean that to buy PlayStation 5 you will necessarily have to compose one of the 2 customizable bundles that require a minimum purchase of products. which, as you will guess, means that to buy the console you will have to put it in the cart along with other items including gadgets, accessories and games.

Given that - we repeat - we are not yet certain that today's sale will be through the bundles, if that were the case, the now usual shop rules would certainly be repeated, with PlayStation 5 Digital Edition that can only be purchased by adding a minimum of 4 products to the cart, and PlayStation 5 with disc player that can be purchased with a minimum of 5 products. In both cases, however, you will have a limit of "only one product per category" so much so that, for example, you can only buy an additional pad, while this restriction is less binding for video games, where you will have the opportunity to purchase at least 2 titles for your custom bundle. In any case, we remind you that you will be forced to purchase other products in addition to the console, because the payment will not be released if the cart is not considered complete.

Read also: PS5: difficult to fall in love with a console that doesn't tell you anything GameStop, therefore, once again confirms its bundled purchase formula, representing - at least to date - practically the only certainty of purchase of the console which, as you know, due to the prolonged shortage of components caused by COVID-19, is still short of breath from the point of view of production, which causes this sale "in fits and starts" on practically any platform, in what is a situation that could end no earlier than 2023!

Follow us and stay informed about the best offers!

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[UPDATE] Gamestop - BingNews

[UPDATE] Gamestop - BingNews

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[UPDATE] Gamestop

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