The Planet Manga releases on June 24th

The Planet Manga releases on June 24th

Through the official website of the Modenese publisher, the Planet Manga releases of 24 June 2021 have been disseminated. Worthy of note is the biographical Inio Asano: Diary of a Mangaka by Inio Asano, the debut of Mushoku Tensei - Jobless Reincarnation and Nana Mobile Book Reloaded Edition with box, both empty and full.

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Let's see all the releases in detail!

You can already see the Planet Manga news coming in August 2021 thanks to our dedicated article.

Planet Manga releases on June 24

Inio Asano: Diary of a Mangaka

by Inio Asano

15,90 €

HOW CAN A 40 YEAR OLD MANGAKA SURVIVE INEDIA? And how can a rookie manga artist avoid making a bad impression at a dinner organized by the publisher? Inio Asano answers these and other questions in an essay-diary-novel not to be missed by all fans of Japanese comics.

Buy Inio Asano: Diary of a Mangaka on Amazon.

Mushoku Tensei - Jobless Reincarnation 1

by Yuka Fujikawa

€ 7.50

FROM THE SAGA THAT ALSO INSPIRED AN ANIME, AN IRONIC AND ADDICTIVE FANTASY. Rudeus is a genius: at the age of three he casts spells better than an adult. But what is the truth? Before reincarnating in a world dominated by sword and magic, he was a Neet whose only merit was sacrificing himself for a girl! Will he manage not to waste the opportunity to live a new life?

Buy Mushoku Tensei - Jobless Reincarnation 1 on Amazon.

Nana Mobile Book Reloaded Edition - Empty Box

by Ai Yazawa

€ 15.90

Buy Nana Mobile Book Reloaded Edition - Empty Box at Amazon.

Nana Mobile Book Reloaded Edition - Full Box

by Ai Yazawa

74,40 €

THE UNAVAILABLE NANA FANBOOK IN A NEW, REVISED AND CORRECTED EDITION. Lots of special content, including character cards, unpublished drawings, an exclusive interview with Ai Yazawa, color illustrations and attached stickers. Available only in a box: FULL, with nos. 13/21 of Nana Reloaded Edition; BLANK, with space to insert volumes. THE MANGA FROM WHICH THE SOUL ON NETFLIX IS DRAWN.

Buy Nana Mobile Book Reloaded Edition - Full Box on Amazon.

Alita Mars Chronicle 7

by Yukito Kishiro

€ 4.90

WHO IS THAT MAN IN CHAINS? Erika and Yoko set off on an adventure. Following Das's directions, they find themselves on the Dejah Thoris, the wreck of an old spaceship. There they meet a prisoner who seems to be looking for everyone. Perhaps it wasn't simply chance that made him meet in Yoko…

Art 13

by Kei Ohkubo

€ 5.50

A PORTRAIT WORTHY OF SPANISH PRINCESS. Thanks to the close relationship with Miss Irene, Arte was able to create a truly appreciable work. However, the friendship born between the two young women jumped in the eyes of Cardinal Silvio, who intends to exploit it for his shady intrigues.

Buy Arte 13 on Amazon.

Black Butler 30

by Yana Toboso

4.90 €

Boruto - Naruto next Generations 12

by Ukyo Kodachi, Mikio Ikemoto

€ 4.90

A TRAP OR A GREAT OPPORTUNITY? Amado, one of the internal members of the Shell, shows up at the Leaf Village, where he takes Shikada hostage and asks to negotiate with Shikamaru for protection. In return he will reveal everything he knows about Jigen and the Shell. THE MANGA FROM WHICH THE SOUL ON CRUNCHYROLL IS DRAWN. Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man 5

€ 4.90

Chainsaw versus Katana! Aki's desire for revenge is mounting, as Denji is once again grappling with Samurai Sword. The one with Katana is a no holds barred fight, but the young devil hunter's heart does not falter. Unless there is a woman involved.

Buy Chainsaw Man 5 on Amazon.

Domestic Girlfriend 6

by Kei Sasuga

5.50 €

Buy Domestic Girlfriend 6 on Amazon.

Kaijin Reijoh 3

by Tetsuya Tashiro

€ 7.50

THE NEW SERIES BY TETSUYA TASHIRO, THE AUTHOR OF AKAME GA KILL!, ENTER LIVE. The followers of Karinto have overcome the defenses of the Meido institute and are ready to unleash madness. Will Asuma be able to protect her companions, giving them time to retrieve the creepy relics that unleash the power to bring down the Kaijin?

Buy Kaijin Reijoh 3 on Amazon.

The Attack of the Giants 33

by Hajme Isayama

€ 4.90

THE MOST SUCCESSFUL MANGA OF THE LAST DECADE IS AT THE PENLAST ISSUE! The "roar" triggered by Eren continues to advance with the intention of destroying the whole world except the island of Paradis. Armin and his companions trust to reach Eren thanks to a seaplane, but the price to pay will be high: the lives of their loved ones. THE MANGA FROM WHICH THE SOUL ON NETFLIX AND PRIME VIDEOS IS DRAWN.

Manben - Naoki Urasawa's Artbook

by Naoki Urasawa

30,00 €

“They say that traditionally in China the expression is used “Manben” to express dedication to study with deep commitment. Manben derives from "Mankai", an immense and infinite world which, according to tradition, everyone, from saints to common people, has always followed as a sort of rule of life. " With these words opens Manben, the artbook that collects some of the best illustrations in color and black and white created by Naoki Urasawa during his long career. From Yawara to Pluto, from Happy. From 20th Century Boys to Monster: here you will find images used for covers or promotional products, color pages of comics and much more. In addition, unpublished sketches by the author with comments and curiosities told by the master Urasawa himself. An elegant hardcover volume for all fans of the most talented contemporary mangaka.

Buy Manben - Naoki Urasawa's Artbook on Amazon.

Real 15

by Takehiko Inoue

€ 7.50

Saga of Tanya the Evil 18

by Chika Tojo, Carlo Zen

€ 7.00

The last phase of the complex strategy implemented by the Empire begins to put an end to the war with the Francois Republic once and for all. In the meantime, it is time for Tanya and his men to go back to headquarters. An apparently peaceful move, but which will reserve several surprises!

Buy Saga of Tanya the Evil 18 on Amazon.

Planet Manga reprints of June 24

Back available: Manben - The Artbook of Naoki Urasawa; 20th Century Boys 12, 13; Fullmetal Alchemist 9, 10, 12, 14, 17; Domestic Girlfriend 6, 7; Homunculus 5, 9.

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