WWE, exclusive interview with Pete Dunne: the British superstar of NXT

WWE, exclusive interview with Pete Dunne: the British superstar of NXT

WWE, exclusive interview with Pete Dunne

Young, determined and gifted with unprecedented tenacity. These are the main characteristics that have allowed Pete Dunne, born in 1993 and originally from Birmingham, to join WWE after a long career in the British independent federations and become one of the main faces of NXT. In view of TakeOver: In Your House (aired on Sunday 13 June on WWE Network, you can find the complete card of the event in our dedicated article) great event of the black brand in which Dunne will have the opportunity to become the new NXT Champion, we have got to chat with him. Here's everything he told us!

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On Sunday you will take part in an important Fatal 5 Way Match valid for the NXT Championship. Do you feel ready for this challenge? Do you already have a strategy in mind to try to take the belt home?

The Fatal Five Way on Sunday is undoubtedly a great opportunity and at the same time a very demanding challenge, but as always I am ready for anything. Every time I prepare for a TakeOver it's like I'm going to war, they are very intense events and everyone wants to give 100%. I try to improve my training by calibrating it to a higher intensity, I pay a lot of attention to nutrition and I am focused on the goal. I know for a fact that my opponents will be too, but Sunday will be my night. I don't have a well-defined strategy in mind, but I will come out of the match triumphant.

You've always shown a very serious and introverted personality in WWE, but last year fans were able to admire a funnier side of you when you paired with Riddle. What memories do you have of that experience in the tag team?

For me it was an absolutely rejuvenating experience as I had been coming from over 600 days of reign as NXT UK Champion. I had literally dominated the brand and needed something different to revitalize my character. It is essential for a performer to be able to show the audience any aspect of their personality and I had a lot of fun with Riddle. If there was another chance in the future to be able to entertain fans with my fun side I would definitely do it, but at the moment I'm more focused than ever on winning the NXT Championship. I believe I am in top form and I want to become the face of the oronero brand.

TakeOver: In Your House takes its name from a historic WWE PPV, very popular in the 90s. Is there a match, among all those staged in the various In Your House, that you remember most?

To be honest I am not very familiar with In Your House due to my young age. I started following WWE when the Attitude Era was drawing to a close, but I know for sure how important this event is to the other people on the roster. There are some superstars who have costumes inspired by In Your House and therefore pay homage to it in this way. In my matches, on the other hand, I am inspired by people like William Regal, by the stars of British Wrestling or by the great influences of the American and Japanese one. In any case, I like how NXT plays a lot on the nostalgia factor and brings back great events from the past, as also happened with Halloween Havoc where, among other things, I made my return to the brand.

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The health emergency has caused a lot of restrictions on live shows overseas, especially as regards NXT UK. Would you be willing to return to play some matches in the British brand and who would you like to face?

Absolutely, I can't wait to be able to travel freely again and perform again in front of the British public. I would like to find my great adventure companions, namely Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Wolfgang and Mark Andrews. Together we have given prestige to the NXT UK brand, participated in the weekend of WrestleMania, Survivor Series and much more. I'd like to face A-Kid, who I think is one of the best talents on the market. The American public may not know him so well, but I assure you that he has a natural talent and I hope that in the post-pandemic he can have the chance to perform in a TakeOver, in a sold-out hall, and show everyone what he is up to. be done. The same goes for the other superstars who play on the NXT UK roster, it's full of talent there. As soon as possible, I'm sure they will spark.

You've come a long way since your WWE debut, but you're still very young. What do you think was your most important goal and what are your future goals?

Victory of the NXT UK Championship and the reign of over 600 days hands down, but I know for sure that I am only at the beginning. I don't want my career to be limited to just that milestone. I want to become NXT Champion, continue to play 5-star matches and if possible do a lot more in England. In the background, for example, I would like to become someone young superstars can turn to for advice and a role as a producer. As you can see, there is still a long way to go and I am ready to follow it. I don't set any limits.

At NXT you are led by Shawn Michaels and Triple H, two of the most important WWE legends. What have been their biggest tips and do you feel more mature than when you started your career in the British independents?

I have matured a lot as a person since I signed the contract with WWE. Now I am a married man, I have a family and a child to think about. My private life has changed a lot, but I have also grown professionally. It is not the first time they have asked me what advice was given to me and I prefer not to go into detail because these are very personal issues, but I can tell you that there has always been a very open discussion with them from the very beginning. They trusted me and allowed me to be myself. Triple H, Shawn Michaels and William Regal make NXT their daily bread and the passion they put into the product is tangible in the quality of the various TakeOver.

Thank you so much for your availability, Pete and good luck for the match of Sunday!

Thanks to you!

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