The first LEGO Marvel What if…? Set unveiled by Amazon France

The first LEGO Marvel What if…? Set unveiled by Amazon France

Thanks to Amazon France, we can take a preview look at the first of the sets of the new LEGO Marvel theme based on the new series “What If…? “, Coming soon to the Disney + streaming platform. And you? Are you curious to see what other sets will be "pulled" from the new Marvel and Disney + series?

The first of the sets to be revealed (reasonably in error) is the LEGO Mavel # 76194 Tony Stark's Sakaarian Iron Man set, composed 369 pieces and that includes three minifigures: Tony Stark, Valkyrie and L'Osservatore.

The product sheet published by Amazon France has a sale date of August 1, 2021, so the whole new theme should be announced soon.

The new animated series “What If…? "From Marvel is based on the mystical character The Observer, who will tell us about parallel universes and dimensions and alternate versions of the MCU stories with the voice, in the original language version, of actor Jeffrey Wright. The series will air starting next August, therefore perfectly in sync with the marketing of the sets inspired by it.

The official description of the set is not yet available and we cannot have confirmation of the "story" that the set itself tells precisely because the series on which it is based is not yet available. The images used for the box, however, make us understand that Tony Stark builds a Hulkbuster-style mecha with the livery based on the Sakaarian colors, aided by Valkyrie. To observe everything, worthy of his name, the mystic Observer.

The sets dedicated to Sakaar

For those who do not remember , Sakaar is the world ruled by the Grand Master (played by Jeff Goldblum), where the story told in Thor 3: Ragnarok takes place. There were only two sets inspired by the film, whose color scheme is clearly recalled by the new set dedicated to “What If…? ". Let's see them together.

LEGO Marvel # 76084 The Final Battle for Asgard

Includes 6 minifigures: Thor, Bruce Banner, Valkyrie, Hela, two Berserkirs and the buildable wolf character Fenris Commodore spaceship features with opening minifigure cockpit, 2 double stud shooters, opening compartment and minifigure release function The Fenris Wolf features a buildable head with glow-in-the-dark eyes, back space for a minifigure and posable joints

LEGO Marvel # 76088 Thor Vs Hulk Duel In The Arena

Includes 4 mini figures Thor, Loki, the Grand Master and the Sakaarian Guard, plus the Hulk big figure Weapons include 2 swords of Thor, the staff of the guard and the ax and the hammer of the Hulk
Tony Stark, being the brilliant inventor that he is, has designed his mecha" Hulkbuster "in a way that can be turned into a racing car.

As soon as there we will have and update the article with details and links for the purchase of this first set and all the others dedicated to the new Disney + series.

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