The best Sky movies of June, what to see this month

The best Sky movies of June, what to see this month

The best Sky movies of June

With the arrival of June also comes the news of the reopening of several cinemas in Italy, however entertainment at home knows no bounds and Sky Cinema (of which you can view the best offers here) also offers for this month a full catalog of titles. Accessing quality film content has never been easier, using it from the comfort of your home: here are the best Sky films of June, with a complete list of monthly titles available at the bottom of the article.

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The best Sky movies of June

Lacci Crescendo - #makemusicnotwar The Keeper - The Legend of a Goalkeeper Lucy in the SKy Wonder Woman 1984 The Extraordinary Life of David Copperfield Foster Boy


Directed by Daniele Luchetti, a dramatic film about family relationships that expresses all the pain that being causes, but draws an intricate and truthful map of interpersonal paths, against the backdrop of Italy over the years '80. Lacci won an award at the International Film Festival in 2020, three nominations for the David di Donatello and three for the Nastro d'Argento award. Based on the novel of the same name by Domenico Starnone, Lacci saw the author on the screenplay together with the director Luchetti. The film sees in its cast the presence of Alba Rohrwacher, Luigi Lo Cascio, Laura Morante, Silvio Orlando, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Adriano Giannini and Linda Caridi. Available from 2 June on Sky Cinema Due, Lacci will also be present in the Sky On Demand catalog.

In a Naples of the 1980s, Aldo and Vanda experience the last moments of a marriage destined to crumble under the eyes of their children Anna and Sandro. In fact, the father betrays Vanda with Lidia, a woman from Rome with whom he goes to live, abandoning his wife and children. Despite Vanda's attempted suicide, Aldo persists in his decision and continues his life with Lidia. Several years later, Aldo decides to return to live with Vanda and to reconnect with his two children, however the bond is now broken and we witness the lies, the hypocrisies and the unhealthy attempts to re-tie the ties they should have held tight. this family.

Crescendo - #makemusicnotwar

Never has a film been more suitable for the present moment as the one counted among the best Sky films of June entitled Crescendo - #makemusicnotwar. Directed by Dror Zahavi and released in theaters in 2019, the film deals with a theme that is more pressing than ever today: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Premiered at the Munich International Film Festival, it was greeted by a long applause that lasted ten minutes and, despite the low attendance at the cinema due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Crescendo - #makemusicnotwar will be present on Cinema Due on Friday 4 June. .

Eduard Sporck, world-famous conductor, is commissioned to form an orchestra made up of young musicians to perform during the peace negotiations between Palestine and Israel. The orchestra, made up of young people from both countries, will have to pass the most difficult test: before they can play to send a message of peace, young people will have to overcome the obstacles that oppose them, such as hatred, intolerance. and the fanaticism that have marked their nations for so long.

The Keeper - The Legend of a Goalkeeper

Can a former Nazi soldier become the goalkeeper of a English football team? Well yes and this is a story that actually happened. The protagonist is Bert Trautmann (David Kross), a LuftWaffe soldier captured by British forces along with other Nazi soldiers. When his footballing skills as a goalkeeper are noticed by local team manager Jack Friar (John Henshaw), Trautmann is hired despite being frowned upon by teammates. His talent, however, led the team to victory and Trautmann won, in addition to a proposal from Manchester City, also the love of Margaret (Freya Mavor). A successful career will begin for the former soldier, however also made up of intolerance and deep resentment.

The Keeper - The Legend of a Goalkeeper is directed by Marcus H. Rosenmuller and was released in Germany in 2019. Biographical film that is based on real events, The Keeper makes the background of the Second World War to move towards a story that does not tell the already widely treated war topics, but focuses on a slice of events that instead speak of love, acceptance and forgiveness. Among the best Sky movies of June, Rosenmuller's film will be available on Sunday 6 June on the Sky Cinema Collection.

Lucy in the Sky

After directing the series Fargo and Legion, Noah Hawley takes us into space with his Lucy in the Sky, another biopic on the list of June Sky films which this time instead tells the story of a real-life woman, Lisa Nowak. The cast of Lucy in the Sky sees Natalie Portman in the role of the protagonist, as well as Jon Hamm, Dan Stevens and Zazie Beetz. Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019, Hawley's film will be featured on Cinema Due on Wednesday 9 June.

Lucy in the Sky tells the story of Lucy Cola, an astronaut who begins to feel psychological pressure not indifferent after returning to Earth following a mission in space. Her life on her home planet now appears emptied of meaning and the only person who seems to be able to understand her feelings about her is her colleague Mark Goodwin, with whom she begins an extramarital relationship. Lucy's career, at its peak, however, begins a downward spiral when she discovers that Goodwin is having another relationship at the same time, with colleague Colleen Shipman.

Wonder Woman 1984

Long awaited by fans of DC superheroes and beyond, the film directed by Patty Jenkins arrives on Sky Cinema Uno on Monday 14th June. Among the best Sky movies of June, Wonder Woman 1984 sees the return of Gal Gadot as the most beloved Amazon princess in the DC universe (here in Blu-Ray steelbook version), flanked here by Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright. Jenkins' film is the ninth dedicated to the DC Extended Universe and represents the sequel to Wonder Woman released in 2017 directed by the same director.

Set in the 1980s, Diana Prince's story sees her once again protagonist of superhero feats, while working undercover at the Smithsonian Museum in the field of archeology. Here her work leads her alongside Barbara Minerva, a woman eager to possess all the qualities that make Diana so perfect. When they both come into contact with an ancient artifact capable of granting each of her wishes, Diana longs to re-embrace her beloved Steve Trevor, while Barbara expresses a desire to be hers as her colleague. Both do not know that you have to be careful about what you want, as you could risk getting it.

The Extraordinary Life of David Copperfield

A Scottish director named Italianissimo directs The Extraordinary Life of David Copperfield, Armando Iannucci, based on the famous novel by Charles Dickens. We find his film among the best Sky films of June, where he will be present on Sunday 20 June on the Cinema Due channel. As David Copperfield we find Dev Patel (The Millionaire), alongside Tilda Swinton, Hugh Laurie, Peter Capaldi, Ben Whishaw and Gwendoline Christie. In 2019, David Copperfield's Extraordinary Life earned five awards at the British Independent Film Awards.

The film is loosely based on the Dickens novel and tells the story of David Copperfield, from his childhood to adulthood. Without a father figure at his side, David grows up with his mother and housekeeper, until the day a new marriage brings the stern and cruel Mr. Murdstone into the house. The latter forces David to work hard and subjects him to frequent corporal punishment; the young man, after the death of his mother, then flees seeking hospitality with aunt Betsey. Thanks to her he is able to complete his studies and find a decent job, while love is just around the corner: David does not know, however, that he will still have to face many vicissitudes. h3> Foster Boy On Sky Cinema Due, Wednesday 30 June, it will be possible to see Foster Boy, a drama film directed by Youssef Delara. With Matthew Modine, Shane Paul McGhie, Michael Hyatt, Lex Scott Davis and Michael Beach, Foster Boy has received numerous awards at several international festivals throughout 2019 and this month will also be featured in the Sky catalog with a story of social denunciation supported here too. by NBA player Shaquille O'Neal as executive producer.

Delara's film tells the story of the lawyer Michael Trainer, forced against his will to accept a particularly thorny case starring Jamal, a young African American in prison who according to Trainer he just wants to make a profit from the whole thing. However, the lawyer will discover that appearances can be deceiving: Jamal just wants to get justice, for the constant abuse of which he has been a victim. These were perpetrated by a well-known sex offender who was a member of Jamal's foster family to whom Jamal was assigned by the fostering agency, without any qualms.

The complete list

June 1: An Account to Settle June 2: Lacci June 3: The Kickers June 4: Crescendo - #makemusicnotwar June 5: My Friend Alexis June 5: Wander - Deadly Deception June 6: The Keeper - The Legend of a Goalkeeper June 7 : Security June 8: Love at Second Sight June 9: Lucy in the Sky June 10: Running With the Devil - The Law of the Cartel June 12: Super Dad - A Dizzy Job June 13: The Macaluso Sisters June 14: Wonder Woman 1984 15 June: You Should Have Been Going June 16: Regina June 17: Max Steel June 19: Super Dad - Operation Holidays June 20: The Extraordinary Life of David Copperfield June 21: Alfredino - An Italian Story (Ep. 1-2) June 22: Skyfire June 24: Irresistible June 25: Black Wate r: Abyss June 28: Alfredino - An Italian History (Ep. 3-4) June 29: Fantasy Island June 30: Foster Boy

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