Resident Evil Village: Find all weapons - Tips on locations and mods

Resident Evil Village: Find all weapons - Tips on locations and mods

Resident Evil Village

Find all weapons in Resident Evil 8 Village: We provide you with tips on all pistols, shotguns and more in Resi 8. You get the most guns in the course of the game. You can get more weapons from the Resident Evil Village bonus shop. We offer you a list of all weapons that you can find in the game and unlock via the shop. In addition to an upgrade option for the Duke, there are also mods for the guns that improve the weapon stats. Attention: Especially for the later weapons and the bonus weapons you will not find all of these modifications in the first playthrough.

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In total you will find 9 weapons in the Hidden levels of Resident Evil 8 Village (buy now € 64.99). The Duke will sell you two of them as soon as you reach the Heisenbergs factory. In addition to the V61 custom pistol (fully automatic), this is also the SYG-12 shotgun. You will need a lot of lei to buy both ratchets. In addition, after playing through for the first time, you will receive the bonus shop, in which you can unlock weapons for AP - which you also receive achievements and trophies. You then buy this from the Duke for playing through the game.

Resident Evil Village - All weapons including mods

1 Resident Evil Village - Find weapons in the game 2 Resident Evil Village - Unlock bonus weapons in the bonus shop Buy many of the modifications for these weapons you, however, only in the NG + of Resident Evil Village. We list all pistols, shotguns or assault rifles in the following overview and reveal where you can get the mods for them. With the Duke you can also level up the damage, rate of fire, reload speed and magazine size of the weapons. We recommend clear magazine size and damage first here. With shotguns and the sniper rifle, you also pay attention to the reload speed and rate of fire. If you haven't started your adventure yet, we recommend our Resident Evil 8 Village beginner's guide with tips for a successful start to the game.

Resident Evil Village - Finding weapons in the game

The You will find the following weapons during the first playthrough in Resi 8.

Weapon Location Upgrades Knife First house in the village on a chest of drawers No LEMI (pistol) At the beginning of a cutscene you will receive recoil compensator - Dimitrescu Castle: After you have the wine bottle picks up in the kitchen. In the next room on the dresser / extended magazine: purchase from the Duke for 9,000 lei. M1897 (shotgun) In the house of the village on the kitchen table. After the first werewolf encounter after the house with the radio, you enter the house on the left via the stairs and the veranda. Engraver - bought from the Duke for 8,000 lei. F2 Rifle (sniper rifle) in the attic of Dimitrescu Castle. After you have solved the puzzle with the 5 bells, you follow the back ladder up. Shortly before leaving the attic, the gun is on a chair. Long-range rifle scope - purchase from Duke for 15,000 lei, after completion of Dimitrescu./ cheek rest - purchase from Duke for 20,000 lei, after completion of Dimitrescu./ extended magazine - in the violin maker's house in the cupboard (code 270917), the key is in the upper house of the gardener (in the next room by the ball maze) after you have completed House Beneviento. M1911 (pistol - semi-automatic) In the workshop of the village after finishing Dimitrescu Castle. In the cupboard with the jack crank (code 070408) Improved handle - Buy from Duke for 12,000 lei after completing House Beneviento / Extended magazine - In a box at the reservoir shortly before the boss fight against Moreau. W870 TAC (shotgun) In the lower gardener's house on the way back from the Beneviento house. Improved piston - Buy from the Duke for 22,000 lei after finishing the Beneviento house. / Front handle - After the reservoir is closed, you use the crank between the altar and the ceremony place. Boat trip south in a cave with ammunition and laptop by Chris Redfield's team. GM 79 (grenade launcher) After completing the Beneviento house, you enter the village at the altar towards the south. You can find the watermill treasure on the map in the house with the wrought iron key. No M1851 Wolfsbane (Magnum) After the Sausee you open a gate with the crank at the top of the mill at the entrance. In the small area you can see Moreau's treasure chest with the Magnum on the map. Long run - Heisenberg's factory in the back room of the operating room. Turn on the power generator with the gear and then take the path to the left of the cast furnace. The door to the operating room is now open. / Extended drum - purchase from the Duke in the factory for 100,000 lei. V61 Custom (pistol - fully automatic) Buy from Duke from Heisenberg's factory for a whopping 120,000 Lei Pistons - Buy from Duke for 35,000 Lei / long barrel - Buy from Duke in NG + for 56,000 Lei / drum magazine - Buy from Duke in NG + for 70,000 Lei . SYG-12 (shotgun - semi-automatic) purchase from Duke from Heisenberg's factory for a whopping 180,000 lei red dot sight - purchase from Duke for 42,000 lei / long barrel - purchase from Duke in NG + for 64,000 lei / drum magazine - purchase from Duke in NG + for 88,000 Lei.

Resident Evil Village - unlock bonus weapons in the bonus shop

You can unlock these weapons in the bonus shop after you have played through Resident Evil 8 Village. As soon as you have bought a weapon in the bonus shop for AP points, it is available for purchase in-game from the Duke. For some of the weapons their Resi 8 initially completes on a certain level of difficulty.

Weapon Location Accessories WCX (assault rifle - fully automatic) Purchase from Duke after activation in the bonus shop Red dot sight - In NG + from Duke for 140,000 lei / Additional handle - In the NG + with the Duke for 80,000 lei. Karambit (knife) Purchase from Duke after activation in the bonus shop No USM-AI (pistol - semi-automatic) Purchase from Duke after activation in the bonus shop No Dragoon (assault rifle - fully automatic) Purchase from Duke after activation in the bonus shop No S.T.A.K.E. (Magnum - semi-automatic) Purchase from Duke in NG + Improved grip - In NG + for 120,000 lei from Duke. / Extended magazine - In NG + for 180,000 lei from Duke. Handcannon PZ (pistol with sniper ammunition) purchase from the Duke after completing the hardcore level of difficulty No rocket pistol (pistol with rocket launcher ammunition) purchase from the Duke after completion in the Village of Shadows - difficulty level none LZ Answerer (lightsaber) purchase in the AP shop, after you have passed all mercenary missions with double S rank none

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