Other than aliens: what the US report on UFOs and UAPs tells

Other than aliens: what the US report on UFOs and UAPs tells

Other than aliens

The US intelligence document is clear: there is no evidence of alien technology in the unidentified aerial phenomena recorded by the military in the last twenty years. Although without explanation, they could have a very terrestrial origin

(image: Pierpaolo Lazzarini, mediadrumworld.com/Ipa) No evidence of alien vehicles roaming our planet: US intelligence officials have not found any proves that the at least 120 unidentified aerial phenomena witnessed by military pilots in the last twenty years have extraterrestrial origin or origin, but are not yet able to explain their trajectories, accelerations or flight dynamics.

È this is the summary, as reported by the New York Times - still classified, the documentation will be made public on June 25 - of the expected report presented a few hours ago to the United States Congress by the intelligence services, the most extensive report ever dedicated to the so-called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (Uap, unidentified aerial phenomena), a more neutral way of what was formerly called Unidentified Flyi ng Object (Ufo, unidentified flying objects).

What does this mean? Than to see a close encounter of the third kind or an E.T. walking on our planet, once again believers and ufologists will do better to recover the two blockbusters by Steven Spielberg. Limiting ourselves to this consideration, however, we would not do justice to the deeper and more political essence than what was delivered to Congress, material which, moreover, did not dampen the collective imagination.

Anticipated as "disconcerting" by the former Director of US National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, the report confirmed a lot (including the prevailing media sensationalism), if we exclude the coming and going of extraterrestrial visitors to our planet.

The reference to the prudence of scientific circles or the interpretation of those who, in the peak of media attention for inexplicable sightings, had recognized a precise communication strategy of the US government, a "speaking without saying" which we will write about shortly. No, the report on UAP and UFO requested last December by the federal senator for Florida Marco Rubio - "a detailed analysis of data and information on unidentified aerial phenomena" collected by the Office of Naval Intelligence, the FBI and the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force - added to a statement from former President Barack Obama on James Corben's Late Late Show and together they inflamed the fantasies of believers awaiting the alien epiphany. Everything as if "Uap" were synonymous with "extraterrestrials" and not a definition to indicate any object the military does not bother to identify, perhaps a drone or a civil aircraft that entered the training airspace of military pilots (which was exactly as declared to CNN by Joe Gradisher, the US Navy spokesman after the 2019 sightings).

None of this. Although with some ambiguity, the report requested by Rubio points to where the experts knew it would point: to warn public opinion, both in the United States and beyond, about the surveillance activity by foreign powers, read China and Russia in the first place. , whose investments in hypersonic are known.

In short, no landing of Martians or other extraterrestrial visitors, at least judging from the evidence gathered so far. The number of which, to be fair, has increased in recent years.

Misrepresented Obama's words aside, significant precedents had in fact contributed to unleashing a media cancan that is not always correct: the theme, with related science fiction interpretations, it exploded in the United States following a series of admissions regarding unexplained sightings by the Department of Defense. In 2019 the US Navy had confirmed the authenticity of other videos and added further details to the discoveries made by a Pentagon UFO tracking program, led by former Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid in 2007. So much to motivate and fund, in ' August 2020, the establishment of the Task Force on UAP phenomena to "obtain detailed information" on the "nature and origins" of unidentified flying objects. In fact, the Department of Defense had declassified three videos made by Navy pilots - one from November 2004 and two from January 2015 - showing mysterious objects crossing the frame at very high speed.

The videos had leaked years earlier. , but Pentagon officials - who confirmed their authenticity and the "unidentified" subject on April 27, 2020 - declassified them to "resolve any misunderstandings from the public as to whether the images were real or not, or whether there was more in the videos “. In other words, yes, the videos are not fake and as expected they do not frame American aircraft, not even top secret programs. Which, as yesterday's report confirmed, does not mean they are filming alien aircraft on a trip to Earth.

Consideration also valid for another Navy video, dating back to July 2019, in which an unknown spherical object flies over the sea ​​near San Diego. Obtained by a documentary director and shared with Nbc News, the footage seems to show the indecipherable device sinking after a flight of a few minutes.

The US Navy photographed & filmed "spherical" shaped UFOs & advanced transmedium vehicles; here is some of that footage. Filmed in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha / July 15th 2019 / warning area off San Diego @ 11pm PST. No wreckage found. No craft were recovered. pic.twitter.com/tK1YTG8sJ7

- Jeremy Corbell (@JeremyCorbell) May 14, 2021

Actually the attitude of the American Defense is anything but ambiguous : it is she who authorizes the distribution of the films and she confirms their authenticity, that is, the fact that the shots are not artificial and to be attributed to a soldier. The reason is also far from mysterious: "My impression is that the US Department of Defense is tired of tolerating other powers watching over it and is looking for the most shrewd way to make it known", comments Paolo Attivissimo, one of the best known. sector debunker and member emeritus of Cicap, the Italian Committee for the control of claims on pseudosciences. In short, an all too earthly reason. “From a military point of view, the situation is delicate: it would be a sign of weakness to admit, without being able to react, that drones of other powers are monitoring their own ships or violating a training airspace. Taking them down would instead trigger a diplomatic incident. This is why it has always been more convenient to make believe it was a UFO, or at least not to deny those who were convinced of it. From Roswell onwards, there is a rich tradition in this sense. Military incidents have often been covered up, suggesting that it was some extraterrestrial intrusion, in order to prevent more in-depth investigations from discovering inconvenient activities or simply a secret operation ".

Yet, as confirmed on TV by Obama, the unidentified objects captured by the videos, "do not move in an easily explainable pattern". "True, so much so that the Congress was asked to clarify", comments Attivissimo. “But even before the report it would have made sense to be cautious and ask ourselves what evidence we had: up to this point all the videos released show phenomena that can be interpreted as impossible, but without being sure. To avoid sensationalism and without even contemplating anomalies or malfunctions of the shooting tools, it would be enough to give the example of a gadfly flying a few centimeters from the camera while recording a video. Reviewing it, we would see a point object crossing the frame at very high speed. Without knowing the distance from the target, one could therefore assume that a thirty-meter aircraft one kilometer from the camera has plowed through the landscape at a physically impossible speed. The reality would be quite different ".

And the increase in chatter? Is there a correlation, if only a statistical one, between sightings peaks and other cultural-social phenomena? "Given that the question should be asked to a sociologist, a reasonable correlation is assumed, obviously not a cause and effect relationship, between the moments of political uncertainty and national paranoia and the appearance of UFO sightings", replies the debunker. " Often, the fear of the stranger, the stranger, the invader is projected onto something similar. It is no coincidence that Western cinema of the 1950s is full of Martians, flying saucers and wars of the worlds. What was The Invasion of the Body Snatchers if not the metaphor of the Communist threat (complete with indoctrination, brainwashing)? Today I have the impression that on the one hand there may be a correlation between the collective feeling of insecurity and the need to vent it in a socially acceptable way. On the other hand, I believe that the idea of ​​the extraterrestrial is salvific or at least reassuring. That someone watches over us and is ready to manifest himself to avoid our ruin is the technological translation of the myth of the angels: the end of the world is not such, it is collective redemption. Today, in a less religious era, the extraterrestrial can assume that role in the collective imagination. Having said that, considering how China is perceived as threatening and storming even beyond the atmosphere, I believe that any pretext is good to talk about space, ufology is welcome. The substance, if we limit ourselves to the facts, is still scarce. Great revelations demand great proofs. ”

Evidence which, according to the report on UAP and UFO, does not exist to date. In spite of alien entities, once again it will be necessary to focus on more human than human reasons.

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