One Piece Full Force: Law & Sabo from Bandai Namco: Review

One Piece Full Force: Law & Sabo from Bandai Namco: Review

One Piece Full Force

We analyzed two figures from the One Piece Wano saga from a sextet of characters (Kaido, Luffytaro, Zorojuro, Sangoro, Trafalgar Law and Sabo), from the Ichibansho Figure One Piece Full Force set produced by Bandai Namco and Bandai Spirits.

The characters

Trafalgar Law is a famous pirate of the North Sea, with a very high size. Despite being known for his cruelty, Law welcomes former slave pirates among his companions and helps Luffy escape: his way of acting hides many mysteries. He is a pirate with a refined mind, who aims for sure victories, without embarking on risky ventures.

Sabo is the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army and inherited the power of the fire fruit after Ace's death. Sabo fled the Kingdom of Goa at the age of 10 with the intention of becoming a pirate. Born to a rich family he is very ashamed of being a noble, as he believes that nobles are evil people declaring that he would never have wanted to be born holder of this title.

The packages

The packaging of the boxes is the same for all six releases of the One Piece Full Force wave, however, as the other four have not been delivered, the review will be based only on these two joined the editorial office. On the front we see the photo of the content and the logos of the company from which it was produced and from where it was taken. On one of the sides they offer us a close-up of the character, while on the other side, in addition to the photo of the full figure, on the bottom we can see an illustration from where the statues we are going to review were taken from. On the back we find nothing particularly interesting.

Trafalgar Law

The Law figure is made entirely of PVC and measures approximately 22 cm in height. The parts of which the figure is composed are three in all, the main body, the head and the arm that holds the sword. The statue also contains a totally transparent pin and a black rectangular base, very suitable for depicting a jumping pose! During the Wano saga, Law wears a black and white yukata with his two Jolly Roger, an orange headband, a brown jittoku with floral motifs and yellow spots. Qualitatively, the figure is of excellent workmanship, from the point of view of the paint it has no defects while as regards the sculpt everything is well done giving great attention to the realization of the clothes, for all the tattoos scattered on the body, for the sword but especially for the face which, in addition to being very faithful to the original design, has been made in the smallest details, first of all taking care of the expression allowing you to perceive all its anger.

Trafalgar Law is available for online purchase


Extracted from the box and internal envelopes divided into folded cardboard and protective plastics the static contains the same transparent pin and the same black base that we have previously seen with Law. Unlike Law, this second statue is simpler and does not have many details, but still has a very high manufacture. The figure does not present any type of assembly, with a base that is fixed on the side and is essential to be able to expose it. The first thing we noticed is the proud expressiveness given to the character with a winking smile while attacking enemies. Sabo is reproduced in a dynamic pose while he is making a forward momentum with his right arm stretched back while holding the iron tube and his left arm bent forward while focusing on his target. Sabo's body, with uncovered chest, highlights the muscles, enhancing the skin by using shading.

Sabo is available for purchase online

Our Video Review


The One Piece Full Force set consisting of Kaido, Luffytaro, Zorojuro, Sangoro, Trafalgar Law and Sabo is one of the latest Ichiban Kuji lotteries to arrive in Italy and that you can already find in some comics shop. We have shown you two out of six figures on the market and they already form a beautiful duo, but if you want to have an exhibition that your collector friends will envy, then the dispassionate advice is to recover them all. These two statues, in addition to the sale, can be won (with a big stroke of luck) by purchasing an Ichiban Kuji lottery ticket. Don't forget to subscribe to the Pop Culture Youtube channel, where you can find the archive of all our video reviews and follow the live action figure Show with Matteo & Alex every second and fourth Monday of the month on the Cultura Pop Twitch channel.

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