The best sex toy techs of 2021 (for her and for him)

The best sex toy techs of 2021 (for her and for him)

Our selection of the funniest gadgets for male or female pleasure, but also for couples

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Sex toys are also experiencing a new season of tech with increasingly original and unexpected designs and innovative solutions to stimulate the most sensitive areas of the body in a more intense and safe way. There are models for her or for him, there are gadgets for both sexes and those that can also be used as a couple at the same time. We have chosen four of the most tech and interesting sex toys for sale in 2021.

Tenga Iroha Kushi

(Photo: Tenga) Tenga's Iroha Kushi looks like a shell or a stylized porcupine, in reality is a small and discreet sex toy suitable for women and men, which can be almost a piece of furniture. Made of silicone, it can vibrate in different ways depending on intensity and pattern. Thanks to its curved shape, almost pointed end and raised streaks, it leaves plenty of room for imagination to choose how and where to use it. It costs 130 euros from the official website, you can find it on offer on Amazon.

Satisfyer Curvy 3+

(Photo: Satisfyer) From a product designed for her and him to Satisfyer Curvy 3 + which is a sex toy that can be used by couples at the same time as it offers both vibrations and stimulation with a sucking effect. Made of very soft and easy-to-wash silicone, it is waterproof (ipx7 grade) and can also be controlled via the official smartphone app for slightly more intriguing games. The curved shape is aimed at the female audience for a more comfortable solitary use and to achieve pleasure in record time. It can be found on offer on Amazon for around 35 euros.

Durex Intense Pure Fantasy

(Photo: Durex) The affordable Durex Pure Fantasy vibrator is a choice dedicated to the female audience who, despite the rather affordable price, thinks of effective stimulation through a discreet tool and packaged with quality materials, waterproof and easily washable. Silent pleasure is guaranteed up to 5 hours of autonomy. The small size is a plus for the simple transport, but they can become a cons… It is found at 21.90 euros on the official website, here the offers on Amazon.

Lelo F1S V2

(Photo : Lelo) Lelo F15 V2 is a high-level male sex toy with double the power compared to the previous generation, four different modes of use and a more comfortable inner sheath. Waterproof and rechargeable via USB, it uses the proprietary SensSonic technology that emits sonic waves instead of the traditional stimulating vibrations. The price is 219 euros, you can order it on the official website and you will soon be able to read our review.

Womanizer Premium

(Photo: Womanizer) Womanizer Premium is a sex toy specifically for women. stimulation of the clitoris with a shape designed to comfortably reach the center of female pleasure. Adjustable in twelve intensity levels (or left free to vary on its own with the autopilot), it emits pulses and sucks to reach ecstasy at record speeds. The shell is in hypoallergenic medical silicone, silky and delicate as well as waterproof. It is recharged via usb. It is found at 189 euros on Amazon.


(Photo: Autoblow) The Autoblow range denounces its dedication to satisfying male pleasure right from the name, proposing itself as a machine capable of simulating oral intercourse. Thanks to the targeted action of the internal moving parts, you receive a deep and modulated stimulation for all tastes and needs. It costs about 125 euros from the official website and is also on offer on Amazon.

Lelo Olga

(Photo: Lelo) For those who are not satisfied, it is possible to bet on a plated sex toy gold or a dildo also produced by the Lelo company which consists of a rather rigid body with a precious 24-carat patina. With its metallic (non-vibrating) structure with the two extremities of different shapes it can stimulate the erogenous parts of the body, dedicating itself above all to the female one. It costs 2700 euros (but is often found on a cheaper offer on Amazon) and is delivered in an elegant wooden box, there is also a stainless steel version for 649 euros on the official website.

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