Best robot vacuum cleaners: the top 5 selected by Wired

Best robot vacuum cleaners: the top 5 selected by Wired

Best robot vacuum cleaners

Five models for five different potential targets and needs

(Photo: iRobot) Robot vacuum cleaners are a valid ally to keep floors clean without effort, because they move independently by removing dirt and pet hair. care of hygiene in the house. Thanks to increasingly advanced tech equipment, they can avoid collisions with obstacles (furniture, stairs, carpets, etc ...) and return to the base when the battery is almost empty. There are models that empty themselves and others that can also wash. Here is our selection.

Dyson 360 Heurist

Dyson 360 Heurist is the smartest robot vacuum cleaner on the market because it is able to constantly learn: every day it refines the mapping of spaces in the home, to more precise cleaning, without missing corners or bumping into furniture or other obstacles. As we told you in our review, thanks to the high-performance quad-core processor and 10 GB of internal memory. On board there are eight sensors, the Slam intelligent visual system and above all the Dyson V2 digital engine with a speed of 78000 rpm. The price is not for all budgets, it starts from 999 euros on the official website, here the offers on Amazon.

Roomba i3 +

(Photo: iRobot) Roomba i3 + is one of the best robots vacuum cleaners equipped with self-emptying function, because it does everything by itself: it collects the dirt and then deposits it in the collection point placed in the charging base equipped with a system called Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal that uses 4-layer AllergenLock bags of allergen-proof material able to safely trap 99% of pollen and molds. You can buy it for 699 euros on the official website, here the promotions on Amazon.

Ecovacs Deebot 710

(Photo: Deebot) Ecovacs Deebot 710 is a good choice if you are looking for an inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner that can also superficially clean floors thanks to the presence of a small water tank that can moisten a microfiber cloth to be placed under the device. Nothing is missing, from a smart anti-collision navigation system to the Max mode that doubles the suction power. Equipped with a wi-fi module, it can connect to Google Home or Alexa for more convenient management even through virtual assistants. It can be a good compromise for those on a tight budget. It costs 199 euros, here are the offers on Amazon.

Roborock S5 Max

(Photo: Roborock) Roborock S5 Max can be a choice to consider if you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with laser mapping that doesn't cost too much. Compared to cheaper models, those with LiDar system can recognize environments and obstacles more effectively, but often have very high prices. Roborock's proposal remains at an acceptable level, also offering wi-fi connection to communicate with virtual assistants and a so-called passive washing system thanks to the mini water tank and the use of a microfiber cloth. It is located at 399 euros, here are the offers on Amazon.

Xiaomi Viomi S9

(Photo: Viomi) If, on the other hand, you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that can also act as a real scrubber, Xiaomi Viomi S9 is a pretty good solution thanks to the powerful 950 watt internal motor (with 2700 pa suction), smart mapping system with room storage, self-emptying of collected dirt and long-lasting battery (220 minutes, often double the rivals ). On the washing side, it uses a very precise water spray system to avoid damaging floors and the use of detergents is not required. A small cons is the noise, which is higher than the competition. The price is 699 euros.

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