New artificial islands sought: the most beautiful under construction

New artificial islands sought: the most beautiful under construction

New artificial islands sought

The demand has increased. Thanks to the coronavirus. The Blue Estate, 25 minutes by plane from the capital of the Bahamas, will be ready in 2025. Channels, Mangroves and Lagoon, which are part of the BioDiverCity project, off the southern coast of Malaysia, will open by 2030

The project BioDiverCity in Malaysia Due to the pandemic, the prospect of packing up and moving to an exotic island, a long-time dream for many globetrotters, is becoming increasingly attractive. According to an analysis conducted by Engel & Völkers, a leading group in the luxury real estate sector, in recent months there has been a sharp increase in demand for private islands. If before the coronavirus the major buyers were rich retired customers, now the age has lowered and the ultimate goal is no longer to own a luxury item, but to get away from the cities to avoid contagion or gatherings.

But for those who do not have sufficient economic resources to have an entire earthly paradise all to themselves, there is the possibility of buying houses in what is considered the most exclusive private residence in the world, the Blue Estate. It is a luxury artificial island, located 25 minutes by plane from the capital of the Bahamas Nassau and just under 90 minutes from Miami. As large as half the size of the Principality of Monaco, it will be able to accommodate up to 15,000 inhabitants, guaranteeing lucky buyers "sunshine for 340 days a year", as written in the online brochure. The project was launched six months ago and the works will start in 2022 and finish in 2025. In an interview with CNN, Erik Schmidt, Chief Communications Officer of the Blue Estate Group said he was concerned about the impact of the pandemic on the implementation of the project. But as soon as the apartment booking site went live, the company was flooded with inquiries from around the world. Also thanks to the variety of housing prices. If you want to daydream, the starting price for a 20sqm studio apartment is $ 19,000. For those who, on the other hand, want to have a little more comfort and space, the cost for a 2000 sqm villa - with five bedrooms and a garden - is around 54 million dollars. The real luxury, however, is represented by two mega "signature estate" buildings, each with an estimated price of over a billion dollars: located above all other properties, they boast 360 degree views of the city and the sea. .

The Blue Estate project 25 minutes by plane from the capital of the Bahamas Nassau The entire island will be built with very high performance concrete modules and from an energy point of view it will be zero impact since it will feed on the sun renewable. State-of-the-art health facilities will be created for the inhabitants and their guests, an international school ready to welcome students of all ages, but also sports centers, clubs and restaurants. There are no particular requirements to become a permanent resident, you just need to comply with the guidelines and rules of the community, and be able to support yourself financially during the year. To attract many buyers is also the fact that it will be a small paradise, including tax, with the possibility of requesting a series of commercial licenses, valid for the first 365 days, completely tax-free and with few reporting obligations.

The Blue Estate is not the only man-made island under construction to date. In Malaysia, the Penang state government held an international competition to build a set of floating cities located off the south coast. The winning BioDiverCity project was presented by the prestigious architecture firm BIG, founded by Bjarke Ingels, former author of the waste-to-energy plant with ski slope in Copenhagen, Denmark. The new Asian smart city will be built by 2030 and will consist of three futuristic artificial islands - Channels, Mangroves and Lagoon - in the shape of a water lily and made up of mixed-use neighborhoods that can accommodate up to 18,000 residents each. There will be beaches, public parks, forests, technological and cultural poles. Each island will have its own functional role: technological for Channels, entrepreneurial for Mangroves and residential for Laguna. Another big news will be the total absence of traditional cars. Each district will be connected by an autonomous public transport network by land, water and air, as well as by bicycle paths and elevated walkways for pedestrians. The archipelago will be powered by renewable energy, while the buildings will be built with bamboo and Malaysian wood, as well as recycled materials.

BioDiverCity project predicts the total absence of traditional cars In recent years, the island of Penang has established itself as a new Southeast Asian Silicon Valley and being a former British colony welcomes skilled workers from all over the world every year. To cope with the exponential increase in population, the government has therefore drawn up a strategic plan, called Penang 2030, which aims at liveability and environmental sustainability for future generations. BioDiverCity goes precisely in this direction, as explained by Bjarke Ingels: "If Penang is defined by rich cultural diversity and abundant biodiversity, we would like to imagine the islands of South Penang as an archipelago in which the two can coexist in an ecosystem created by the man, expanding and improving each other ”.

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