Maserati Connect: handmade, performing and now also connected

Maserati Connect: handmade, performing and now also connected

Maserati Connect

Maserati Connect is the solution designed by the house of the Trident to always be connected to the car and informed about its status

Maserati Connect | Maserati Levante V6 GranSport | MY2021 Maserati Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante are appreciated for being built by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen. Their performances are accompanied by the unmistakable Maserati sound. But there is more. From model year 2021, their owners will be driving connected cars.

What is Maserati Connect

The new electrified range of the Trident will be the first to benefit from the new Maserati Connect program. Having the Maserati always connected allows you to keep an eye on the health of the car. Maserati Connect will inform the driver when it is time for routine maintenance. The aim is to improve the customer service experience. Maserati Connect also guarantees greater safety with assistance in emergencies and in the event of theft of the car.

The potential of Maserati Connect is expressed through an application. This allows users to interact with their Maserati through smartphones and smartwatches. Opportunity also offered from home by asking the personal virtual assistant Amazon Alexa or hey Google. Maserati Connect allows you to use Amazon Alexa services even when you are on board and to activate a Wi-Fi Hotspot service in your Maserati. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated and connected navigation system, the driver always has the latest traffic information in real time, but also constantly updated maps.

Central touchscreen | Maserati Connect | Maserati Levante V6 GranSport | MY2021

What changes inside the car

The point of contact between the car and the user is the central touchscreen. It increases in size from 8.4 inches and 4: 3 aspect ratio to 10.1 inches and 16:10 ratio. The driver's side digital cockpit also expands to 7 inches. In both cases the graphics change and update thanks to a better screen resolution. The operational heart of Maserati cars has also changed as we move from the J6 VP4 to the new R1.

A change that brings with it greater processing power of data arriving from sensors, more memory and more archiving to manage over-the-air updates. It is this new brain that ensures the implementation of the new E-call, b-call and SVL security and protection services. Ditto for remote services and those related to navigation in real time. moreover, as a small gem, Ghibli and Quattroporte will adopt the new wireless charger to recharge the smartphone without having to connect it with the cable.

The new Maserati Connect services

Always be connected to the car it means always being informed about the car. Remotely, therefore away from the car, the user can stay connected with their Maserati through two channels: anywhere with their smartphone or smartwatch; at home through Alexa or Google Assist devices. One of the most important aspects, related to privacy, is that no personal information or the location of the car is stored or given to third parties.

Cockpit Maserati Ghibli | Maserati Connect | MY2021 From the Maserati Connect app the owner can lock and unlock the doors. Make the vehicle lights flash. Turn the engine on or off (but for North America only). Also sound the vehicle's horn. The Maserati Connect App also shows the fuel level, tire pressure, odometer, engine oil change times. In practice, the vehicle's health card.

As already mentioned, the vehicle's position is displayed on the map via the Maserati Connect App. The owner can set driving alerts based on the time of day, driving speed and geographic location. In addition, without the aid of third-party applications, the Connected Traffic & Travel Services function provides a broad base of information to support the owner during his driving experience. Navigation is linked to real-time traffic information. This allows a precise estimate of the arrival time and the possibility of offering the driver alternative routes, avoiding traffic and minimizing travel times.

All the safety you need

Emergency Call, Roadside Assistance Call and Maserati Vehicle Health (MVH): three English names that guarantee carefree driving aboard the new Maserati range. The emergency call is activated in case of danger to people's health. The call is made automatically even in the event of an accident. An operations center receives the vehicle's location and information on the status of the vehicle's safety systems. An operator checks with the driver what kind of emergency support is needed. The roadside assistance call, on the other hand, can be used in the event of a problem with the vehicle. The call comes to the Maserati roadside assistance provider. He and the driver will verify the type of support needed.

Maserati Connect App The vehicle's health status is monitored through the MVH service. In the event of a warning signal, an alert card on the state of health of the vehicle is displayed in the Maserati Connect app. By touching it, the customer sees the type of warning. The warnings cover various elements of the engine, lubricant level, distribution and safety systems. The customer will also receive a monthly vehicle health report by email. In the car, push notifications regarding assistance and recall campaigns will be displayed on the central touchscreen.

Finally, the Maserati Guard service. This function linked to the car's connectivity allows the owner to receive a push notification on his smartphone when the car is tampered with. In the event of the car being stolen, after declaring the theft to the police, you can contact the Secure Operating Center from the Maserati Connect app for immediate assistance. The operations center can locate the Maserati and contact the police to coordinate the recovery attempt.

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