What if Tesla opens a Happy Days Arnold's-style restaurant?

What if Tesla opens a Happy Days Arnold's-style restaurant?

The super billionaire Elon Musk would be thinking of a 1950s-style diner in charging stations: a request has been filed to connect the Tesla brand to restaurants

A Tesla charging station (photo: Tesla) Tesla, the electric car group founded by Elon Musk, could it throw itself into the restaurant business? The hypothesis is by no means remote: according to the Electrek website, a Tesla brand linked to the food industry has recently been registered. The latest piece of interest from the richest man in the world (assets of $ 189.7 billion), which has been in the air for years. In fact, as early as 2018, Musk had talked about the project to open a vintage-style drive-in, complete with a skating rink and rock'n'roll style, in one of the charging stations in Los Angeles.

The exit was followed by a request for authorization to build a Supercharger station with restaurant in Santa Monica. Nothing has moved for three years, until April when the super billionaire returned to talking about a 1950s diner (at Happy Days or American Graffiti). And now comes the news of the request to link the logo and brand to "categories of food services, pop-up food services, self-service food services, take-away food services".

Some stations Tesla recharges already have small cafes and bars to accommodate customers as they fill up, but building a network of diners at Arnold's could be another step for Elon Musk's empire. Obviously, it is not yet known whether the restaurants will be managed directly by Tesla or if they will rely on collaborations with existing companies.

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