over 1000 indie games for $ 5 to help Palestine over 1000 indie games for $ 5 to help Palestine

Whatever you think of it, what has happened in recent weeks between Israel and Palestine is terrible, especially for having involved hundreds of innocent people who found themselves in the midst of attacks and reprisals. To help these people, has created a very interesting new bundle: with only $ 5 you can get your hands on over 1000 indie games and do some charity at the same time.

At this address you can participate in the Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid by

With only $ 5, but you can donate more, you can get 1019 independent games. There are over 500 DRM free games for Windows 10, 300 for Mac, 200 for Linux and 32 for Android. They may not all be masterpieces, but the aim is to raise $ 500,000 to send to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in order to give it funds to bring food to over a million Palestinians in need. In addition to food, mental and physical support will be given to these people.

For the moment they have exceeded 288 thousand dollars, or 57% of the final goal. There are still 5 days left before the end of the initiative.

Have you noticed any errors? Bundle Goes Toward Palestinian Aid And Gives Away Over 1000 Games

PC game hosting site has announced a new indie bundle with thousands of games and other accouterments that directly benefits Palestine in a time when the state's people are subjugated to a humanitarian crisis.

The Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid is a pay-what-you-want (above $5 USD) bundle that packages an assortment of experiences, with the headliner being Liyla and The Shadows of War, an atmospheric side-scrolling adventurer based on actual events about a young girl living in Gaza during the 2014 war. All proceeds will go directly to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

The UNRWA is a nonprofit dedicated to assisting and advancing Palestinian people, providing food assistance and mental and physical health protection. UNRWA was one of the many organizations we featured in our charity list aimed at aiding displaced Palestinians by the recent Hamas-Israel conflict.

In addition to Rasheed Abueideh's Liyla and The Shadows of War, the Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid packages other items like game assets and official soundtracks donated by developers and creators from around the world. There's short experiences such as its been a while since i went for a walk and Strange, as well as more action-oriented titles like Cat Ace and Dona Vasa. Even titles available now, including Calico and Switch 'N' Shoot, are featured in's indie bundle.

The bundle's target is $500,000. At the time of this writing, it's amassed nearly 20% of its overall total. The bundle will be available until June 11.

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