Dynasty Warriors: the official trailer of the Netflix movie is tamarro and exaggerated to the right point

Dynasty Warriors: the official trailer of the Netflix movie is tamarro and exaggerated to the right point

Dynasty Warriors

Netflix's love of video games is getting bigger and bigger. After Castlevania, Dragon's Dogma and Dota 2, the streaming giant is about to release a live action movie inspired by Dynasty Warriors. The presentation trailer is tamarro and exaggerated at the right point and given that we are talking about musou the "right point" could be a little further than what many consider "normal".

The film, coming soon July 1st for all Netflix subscribers, seems to be quite faithful to the atmosphere and style of the Tecmo Koei series. In other words it is an almost infinite series of fights with thousands of soldiers on the screen, literally wiped out by Lu Bu and his friends, semi-divine soldiers able to generate flames from their blades, make horses run on the roofs and, obviously, to wipe out entire armies with your bare hands.

If from one point of view the stylistic and content imagery of Koei Tecmo's musou seems to be fully respected, on the other hand the film does not seem to be destined for others if not the videogame lovers, the only ones, perhaps, able to appreciate this riot of tamarria.

The only hope for all the others is that, as they say in the jargon, the film "makes the rounds" "and is so exaggerated as to become almost cult.

What do you think of these first images?

Have you noticed any errors?

Dynasty Warriors video game comes to life with trailer for Netflix movie adaptation


Netflix has released a trailer for Dynasty Warriors, director Roy Hin Yeung Chow’s upcoming action film based on Koei Tecmo’s beloved video game series; watch it here…

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The Yellow Turban Rebellion breaks out in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. With the help of his trusted right-hand men Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, militia leader Liu Pei successfully suppresses the revolt. The calculating warlord Dong Zhuo takes advantage of the situation and takes control of the court, stirring further unrest.


Dynasty Warriors arrives on Netflix on July 1st.

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