Horizon Forbidden West, development is almost complete!

Horizon Forbidden West, development is almost complete!

Horizon Forbidden West

While there is still uncertainty about the release date, Horizon Forbidden West is not far from entering the gold phase. The game director Mathijs de Jonge thought about it, during an interview granted on the sidelines of the presentation of the gameplay of Aloy's new adventure. de Jonge intervened to specify the state of work on the new Guerrilla Games game, considering that the launch window, technically set for this year, also disappeared from the last video.

As explained by de Jonge , Horizon Forbidden West (which will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5) is not far from entering the gold phase. The development is in fact practically complete: the game has come out of the beta phase and is in a very advanced phase. Guerrilla Games is therefore in the latest acts of work, which obviously include a general cleaning of the game, optimization and the fix of some bugs. "There is still a lot to do", the game director specified but "we are in the final stages".

According to these statements it is very likely that Guerrilla Games has not decided to give a release date for Horizon Forbidden West not to disappoint the public and of course Sony shareholders and investors. The same team has already stated that they want to make sure they can publish the game in accordance with the times indicated, so as soon as the release date is confirmed there will most likely be no last minute program changes.

2021 led to the postponement of the God of War sequel and the absence of Horizon Forbidden West in stores in time for the holidays could obviously make PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners turn up their noses. public and the press. And now all that remains is to wait for some communication on the matter, which could arrive as soon as the game reaches the much-desired gold phase.

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A ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ Delay Would Mean Little For Sony And The PS5

This week, we learned that God of War 2 was being delayed from 2021 to 2022, a move that surprised no one, as few expected it to actually come out in that time window.

But now attention turns toward Horizon Forbidden West, which Sony keeps saying should make it out for holiday 2021, but the language they’re using makes it seem like it’s not a sure thing, and in fact, any AAA game’s release date this far out remains not a sure thing in this industry, given how frequently delays happen.

In theory, Horizon Forbidden West would leave Sony without a major exclusive PS5 title (it’s also coming to PS4) for the all-important holiday window, when Microsoft finally should be getting out Halo Infinite for the Xbox Series X.

In practice, this is likely less important than it may sound.

In addition to the philosophy where most players now accept any amount of delays in order to ensure a game is not broken at release, Sony is in a pretty unique situation with the PS5 where a big game like Horizon means relatively little for the prospects of the system itself.

Big exclusive games are often labeled as “system-sellers,” as in, you would be willing to buy an entire console for hundreds of dollars just to play one high profile game. But in this case, there’s quite literally nothing that needs to be done to sell the PS5.

The PS5 is not only the fastest selling console in history, but supply shortages are going to remain in place throughout 2021. What that means in practical terms is that PS5s will likely be sold out across the board for this holiday season and incredibly hard to get whether Horizon is delayed or not. It would of course be nice for PS4 and PS5 owners to see the game released on time, but it feels less important than it would in perhaps any other year, given where we’re at now.

Watch my video above for more thoughts and further explanation.

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