Gaming chair, the best under 200 euros | June 2021

Gaming chair, the best under 200 euros | June 2021

Gaming chair

In recent years, among the most popular accessories among gamers we can certainly find gaming chairs, that is what has now become an essential product for all those who have already tried their hand at its purchase. But do you know why a good gaming chair is so important? Because a good gaming chair, as well as being very often also decidedly captivating from the point of view of pure visual impact, is able to offer unparalleled comfort, reconciling our long gaming sessions with a seat that can really give a lot of satisfaction. . A self-respecting gaming chair is also built following the various precepts of ergonomics, thus allowing us to avoid all those annoying problems that often arise after long hours sitting on some more entry level product. Not bad right?

As you can imagine, however, not all gaming chairs are the same and even among products with a not indifferent price it is often possible to find some nasty surprises. To avoid this very unpleasant eventuality, we have therefore searched for you what are the best gaming chairs on the market today for a maximum of 200 euros. However, if your budget is greater and you want to equip yourself with a product that knows no rivals, you can find in this article what are the best gaming chairs ever. Do you want to spend less? No problem, you can find here the best gaming chairs on the market for 100 euros or less. Are you looking for something screen-printed with a gaming theme? Also in this case we have the right article for you!

Gaming chair, the best under 200 euro

Newskill Kitsune Trust GXT 705 Ryon GTPlayer Pro Gaming chair IntimaTe WM Heart Racing Chair WOLTU BS14ws Gaming chair TecTake 800727

Newskill Kitsune

Among the best gaming chairs at 200 euros or less on the market we can certainly find the Newskill Kitsune, a faux leather chair suitable for withstanding weights up to 150kg. Backrest adjustable to 180 degrees, armrests adjustable in both height and angle and equipped with both lumbar and trapezoidal cushions: although the Newskill Kitsune is a gaming chair sold at a reduced price it is equipped with a whole series of respectable features, in able to raise the overall value of the product. Sure, maybe the design isn't really original, but the comfort and the low price are qualities that should not be underestimated.

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Trust GXT 705 Ryon

A good solution for all those looking for a good gaming chair is definitely the Trust GXT 705 Ryon, with the Trust product that manages to offer both a good design and a decidedly remarkable quality. The GXT 705 Ryon is in fact equipped with armrests with comfortable additional padding, a seat that can be tilted and locked at will and a highly ergonomic shape. To make everything even more interesting and the Trust GXT 705 Ryon a perfect product for a very large slice of users is finally a particularly resistant wooden frame, capable of supporting weights up to 150 Kg.

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GTPlayer Pro Gaming Chair

The GTPlayer Pro is an absolutely interesting gaming chair, with an ergonomic shape, a comfortable seat and good quality materials. The upholstery is in fact in PU synthetic leather, the frame is a one-piece in steel and the armrest is adjustable. In addition to these mere technical features, to which the inevitable tilting and adjustable backrest is added, however, the GTPlayer Pro is particularly surprising for its comfort and an attractive and aggressive design that, we are sure, will drive more than a few players crazy. The GTPlayer Pro is therefore ultimately a very good gaming chair for less than 200 euros.

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IntimaTe WM Heart Racing Chair

Elegant, comfortable and equipped with good quality materials: these are just some of the main features of the IntimaTe WM Heart Racing, a gaming chair at 200 euros or less among the best on the market. To make everything even more noteworthy is the pair of comfortable lumbar and head cushions, which together with the reclining seat make the IntimaTe WM Heart Racing a very valid solution with little to envy to much more expensive products. If you want to play it safe and have no particular needs, the Intimate WM Heart Racing is most likely the gaming chair available for less than 200 euros for you.

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WOLTU BS14ws Gaming chair

If you are looking for a good gaming chair with a footrest at an interesting price and you will find in Woltu BS14ws a very respectable proposal, with a particularly refined design and able to give many satisfactions to all those who will be convinced by this product. In the presence of the footrest, a respectable technical data sheet is also added, with the Woltu BS14ws which has an eco-leather upholstery and a maximum load of 150Kg. To complete the more than interesting offer of the Woltu BS14ws there is also a large range of choice with regard to the colors available, which makes this gaming chair an excellent solution for many players. If you are looking for a gaming chair with footrest you will hardly find better at this price.

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TecTake 800727

As the last proposal on this list we have decided to include the TecTake 800727, a chair that certainly does not have the classic stylistic features of a gaming chair, but that manages to turn out to be an excellent product even with this purpose. Equipped with the design of an office chair and leatherette cover, the TecTake 800727 is a gaming chair among the best if we want to assist a comfortable seat with a product with classic and inconspicuous lines, unlike other chairs present in this article. With a capacity of up to 120kg, high quality materials and a tilting mechanism, the TecTake 800727 has everything you could look for in a good gaming chair. Sober and definitely functional. PS: if you prefer more flamboyant colors, those are also available!

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How to choose the best gaming chair under 200 euros

As you may have guessed by reading our proposals above, there are many variables to take into consideration when choosing your own personal gaming chair. Materials, fabrics and much more: let's see together what are the characteristics not to be underestimated in choosing the best gaming chair under 200 euros. After all, you don't want to find a low-quality product in your hands, do you?


The first aspect is certainly that relating to the materials which, in most cases, are divided in leather, PU leather or imitation leather and fabric. Leatherette gaming chairs are certainly easier to clean but, on the other hand, offer less breathability than their fabric counterparts and, consequently, make you sweat much more easily, especially in summer. Furthermore, PU leather, in addition to being drastically cheaper, is a synthetic leather made of polyurethane and as such much less valuable than traditional leather. However, you won't have to worry too much about this last distinction: real leather products are, as you would imagine, really expensive and, consequently, very difficult to find in a product under 200 euros.


Although practically all good level gaming chairs have these features, it is still necessary to check if they allow you to change height and tilt the seat: two very comfortable features that shouldn't missing, not even in a gaming chair under 200 euros in price. As for the elbow rests, if present, they should at least be adjustable in height and, if we need it, also in the other dimensions.


Although they are not loved by everyone, it is It is always a good idea to ensure the presence of posture supports in the gaming chair. We are talking in particular of the one for the back, to be positioned on the lumbar area and which lightens the load on the spine, and of that for the head. Two accessories that absolutely must not be missing in a self-respecting gaming chair and that are able to prevent and avoid many small pains. What should not be forgotten is how, in almost all cases, they are removable: in case they are not to your liking

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