Fortnite: Patch Notes for Season 7 - Update Changes & News for the Battle Pass

Fortnite: Patch Notes for Season 7 - Update Changes & News for the Battle Pass


Fortnite starts into season 7: The necessary update at 5 p.m. has been available since the downtime this morning - Fortnite was initially offline from 8 a.m. The Epic Games developers are now sharing the highlights from the patch notes on their website. With the activation of the new season, a mysterious alien race has invaded the island: The Imagined Order (IO) has taken over the resistance against the earth's inhabitants. New characters, futuristic weapons and new items await you.

On Fortnite Island you will also discover UFOs that you can shoot down or even fly yourself. The Imagined Order uses advanced weapons in the fight against the alien invaders. Among other things, the spy scanner, a new railgun and a pulse rifle are waiting for you. The aliens, in turn, use the powerful Kymera emitter. More weapons are to be added over the course of the season. Also watch out for nuts and bolts that UFOs lose all over the island. Collect them to use to make new weapons.


Fortnite: Trailer for Season 7 "Invasion" - shows new skin from Rick & Morty loadVideoPlayer ('83903', '& sAdSetCsategory = artikel_featured', 12, '16: 9 ', false, 1373488, false, 238932 , 260, false, 0, '', '', false); Fortnite from € 37.95 In Fortnite Season 7 you build a volley assault rifle from an assault rifle, and a submachine gun into a rapid-fire submachine gun. If you pick up the Battle Pass for the new season, you will immediately unlock the customizable Kymera outfit. This is an extraterrestrial being that you can design yourself. During the season you collect alien artifacts to unlock additional styles for Kymera. This season, the Battle Stars are returning to the Battle Pass, but with one innovation. "Every time you level up, you will receive 5 more Battle Stars. With your Battle Stars you can claim a number of great Battle Pass rewards in the order you want," writes Epic Games.

Changes to the Battle Pass

In addition, the cosmetic items in the new Battle Pass (buy now € 37.95) are no longer tied to reaching a certain level. Instead, you will receive Battle Stars as you level up, which you can exchange for Battle Pass rewards in the order you choose. If you rise in the level, your pages will unlock in the Battle Pass. This results in further possible rewards. "You want to have the 'kidnapping' contrail directly on page one? No problem. Or would you prefer to save up your battle stars a little more and move up the level to unlock page two so that you can treat yourself to the new, compact lobby music first It doesn't matter, because you have the choice, "write the developers.

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The activation of Fortnite Season 7 is approaching. Shortly before the start, a teaser was leaked only for the new season. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1373488,1373472,1373466,1373430'; A special reward awaits you on each side, including the alien-friendly punk rocker Sunny or the synthetic artist Guggimon. It will only be activated once all other rewards have been claimed on this page. Rick Sanchez from the popular series Rick & Morty is waiting for you at level 100. Once you have collected all 100 Battle Pass rewards, you can spend your Battle Stars on additional pages with bonus rewards for a selection of new outfit styles for Doctor Slone and other characters. All players who do not have a Battle Pass receive the same number of Battle Stars when they level up. In addition, there are rewards on every page in the Battle Pass that can be claimed by all players.

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