Bandai RG Evangelion Production Model-02 (Eva-02), the review

Bandai RG Evangelion Production Model-02 (Eva-02), the review

Bandai RG Evangelion Production Model-02 (Eva-02)

The Evangelion Production Model-02, hereafter Eva-02, is an RG model kit by Bandai and distributed in Italy by Cosmic Group. This Eva-02 is a model taken from the new animated film tetralogy Rebuild of Evangelion, the remake and sequel to the beloved anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Characterized by a predominant red color, the Eva-02 is piloted by the friendly Asuka Shikinami Langley and is one of the most characteristic mechas of the anime.

But what is a model kit? And what does RG mean? Let's see it together.

Model kit, what are they?

A model kit generally refers to a model of a vehicle (civil, military, fantasy ...) sold in an assembly box, containing a whole series of "grids", called sprues or runners, on which all are attached the pieces that must then be removed and cleaned with special tools and assembled using specific glues for model making. Once this is done, they will then be painted with special paints, usually enamels or acrylics, and then embellished with the decals or stickers supplied with the model kit. The above forms the basis of static modeling, which enthusiasts then increase by adding aging and wear effects (chipping and weathering) or even creating dioramas to tell a story.

Bandai model kits

The model kits of the Japanese company Bandai, which became famous in the 1980s and loved by enthusiasts thanks to the Gunpla, the mecha models linked to the Gundam animated TV series, have some substantial differences compared to the classic assembly boxes described above. .

To assemble the Bandai model kits, in fact, no glue is required, since all the pieces that make up the model are joined together by interlocking. Furthermore, the very high level of engineering and design behind these model kits ensures that not only the joints are perfect and do not show any cracks, but that the finished model is perfectly mobile and can be positioned in various poses from the high drama. The result, therefore, will be a model of a truly realistic mecha and with all the movable limbs (and often other iconic parts that move as in the anime from which they are drawn), not to mention all the weapons and accessories that characterize.

Bandai model kits, and this Eva-02 that we are going to talk about is no exception, are produced using plastics of different colors, which exactly represent the colors of the original mecha. Therefore, it will not be necessary to paint the various pieces to have an appreciable result, but it will be enough to assemble them "dry", as they say in the jargon of enthusiasts, that is to assemble them as they are.

RG, what does it mean ?

The Eva-02 subject of this review is an RG model, but what does this abbreviation mean? Well, first of all let's say that it is the acronym for the term Real Grade and it is a term used exclusively by Bandai and is therefore not generic in the world of modeling.

For RG we mean a 1: 144 scale model kit characterized by a very high level of detail and a very high number of parts that compose it. The RG products are more suitable for those who already have a minimum of familiarity with the world of modeling and not for those who want to approach this world for the first time, for which it is better to rely on HG (High Grade) model kits. Furthermore, they are perfect models for those who want to have more than good satisfaction in the assembly phase but do not want to face more demanding and bulky model kits, such as the PG (Perfect Grade). For more information on all these acronyms and what they entail, I refer you to our article dedicated to them, which you can find at this link.

Eva-02 model kit

The model kit of the Eva-02 subject of this review was assembled by us during the live shows of the Model Kit Mania format on the Twitch channel of Cultura Pop, which were held every Tuesday afternoon from 15:00 to 17:00 and which are now on summer break , waiting to resume in September. Those who followed us during the live performances were able to learn how to remove the parts from the runners and how to clean them so that there are no unsightly marks visible after the model has been assembled and which tools to use for this purpose, as well as following step by step. assembly of the model, the definition of the panels (panel line) and the positioning of the stickers.

Having therefore spent a lot of time on the model, analyzing it point by point, we can go and fearlessly evaluate its advantages (many) and defects (very few).

Leaving aside the box, full of images and information, once we opened the package we were particularly impressed by the quantity of runners, and consequently of pieces, present. The plastic used (PVC) is of excellent quality and the pieces are separated from the sprues almost without leaving unsightly traces, making it quicker and easier to clean the parts and consequently the assembly of the entire model. Speaking of plastic, the colors used are decidedly faithful to what is seen on the screen and even with a "dry" assembly the finished model is particularly fascinating and impactful.

We were happy to note that the Assembly instruction booklet also written in English, something not so obvious, as those who practice this hobby know well, since until recently they were written only in Japanese. The instructions are however very clear and limit to almost zero the possibility of making mistakes during the assembly phase.

And it is precisely by observing the instructions and following them step by step during the assembly phase that you realize how much they are ingenious engineering and design behind these models. Each piece, in fact, fits perfectly with its counterpart and together they form a truly ultra-defined model with excellent movements. In the case of the Eva-02 it is evident that the human anatomy was a model, complete with limbs presented as a sort of reproduction of the musculature that adapts to the movements of the arms and legs.

Once assembled, the Eva-02 proved to be truly impressive and spectacular, with its approximately 18.5 cm in height. The presence of numerous hands in different positions is something we really appreciated, as it gives the figure a lot of posability options. The presence of numerous weapons, two rifles, one of which is even foldable and two daggers, as well as the power cable (which can be convenient for placing the model in balance) and the capsule of the removable Entry plug (the cockpit) they give the figure a sense of complete completeness.

The adhesives, although of excellent quality, are not entirely exceptional results, since they are “thick” and not very realistic. Decals would certainly have been a better choice, but on RG models they are almost never standard and often modelers have to purchase them separately. The only slightly negative aspect that we have found, however, is that after three or four joints and disengages of the two shoulder straps, the seat where they engage has become a bit loose and it may happen that the aforementioned shoulder straps come off during the maneuvers of positioning of the figure.

Eva-02, posability

The model kit of the Eva-02, besides being aesthetically very beautiful, proved to be truly exceptional also from the point of view of posability. In fact, we were able to position the model's figure in countless dramatic and truly impressive poses with very little effort. Obviously, since it is a model kit and not a toy, the Eva-02 must be handled with care and attention during the positioning phase, to prevent the joints from detaching (never mind, they hang up in an instant).

However, we found that compared to previous models from years ago (the Eva-02 is a rather new model kit, having been released at the end of November 2020) the Eva-02 is more solid and robust, an indication of how the design is improved over time. For the more dynamic and extreme poses, however, we obviously needed to use a support for Gunpla, not included in the box and sold separately.


From what emerged from our "assembly on the field "during the Model Kit Mania live shows we can safely say that the Evangelion Production Model-02, or Eva-02 if you prefer, is a truly excellent model to be assembled.

The Eva -02 will be able to repay the hobbyist with several hours of fun during the assembly phase that can only more than double if you choose to paint it, necessarily with the airbrush. The finished product boasts an exceptional stage presence, and will make a fine show of itself on any shelf or bookcase you want to place it, also thanks to the very high level of posability that distinguishes it. We can therefore only recommend the Eva-02 to all fans of mecha and non-mecha model kits, and obviously to all fans of the Evangelion saga.

A product aimed at…

The model kit of the Eva-02, as it is of the RG type, is a product that is aimed more at those who already have a minimum of experience with Bandai products or at least with modeling in general, although with a little forethought can be approached without too many problems even by those who have never picked up a cutter and a hobby knife. In this regard, we recommend following the Model Kit Mania live shows on Cultura Pop's Twitch channel, when they resume in September, to discover all the tricks and tricks on how to assemble a Bandai model kit.

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