5 tips before launching a startup

5 tips before launching a startup

From the choice of the simplified srl to the form of the benefit company, from the social vocation to the facilities for tourism

Startup (Getty Images) It's easy to say startup. The company forms and sectors of activity reserve, in the intricate jungle of Italian laws, concessions or peculiarities that anyone who wants to embark on an innovative company should know. We have created a summary to orient themselves in this field.

Founders who start an entrepreneurial activity must decide how to set up, juggling the various existing corporate forms. Those who intend to start their business in Italy can choose between the more streamlined - but far too simple - form of the simplified srl or the classic srl or even the more sophisticated spa. Those who, on the other hand, already have a company outside the Italian borders, can decide to establish a secondary office of the already existing foreign company in Italy.

Innovative entrepreneurs prefer the startup form, registered in a special section of the register of businesses. The startup can be established by adopting any corporate type of the Italian legal system and even as a secondary office of a foreign company.

There are several requirements for obtaining registration in the special section of innovative startups and it is necessary to handle them with extreme care and professionalism. Certainly, if the requirements are met, startups enjoy interesting economic benefits in the start-up phase and tax breaks for those who invest in them.

Why choose a simplified srl

The innovative entrepreneur has a first and more streamlined possibility: to set up as a simplified limited liability company. There are economic advantages in the constitution: the costs for stamp duty, registration fees and the annual tax for the register of companies are not due and there is no fee for the notary for the deed of incorporation.

You can only choose a standard model of a few lines, which contains the vital information for the birth of the company: name, registered office, corporate purpose, definition of the administrative body. On the other hand, it is not possible to regulate the delicate relationships between the founders, because a statute that contains statutory clauses governing the life of the company and governance cannot be adopted. Perfect model for those who - natural person - start alone and are the administrator of their own vehicle.

For those who work in tourism

The tourism startups have as their object the promotion of the national tourist offer through the use of technologies and the development of original software, in particular, acting through the provision of services aimed at tourism businesses. For these startups there are additional economic advantages in the setting up of the others.

The costs for the stamp duty, the registration fees and the annual tax for the business register are not due. as for all startups. In addition, tourism startups do not pay registration tax, tax duties and government concession fees, if made up of individuals under 40 years of age. Also in this case it is possible to start with a simplified srl.

How to install a secondary company of a foreign startup

Many founders have started their own business abroad, setting up a company in the Kingdom United States, United States or other European countries. If they need to operate also in our country and do not intend to set up an Italian vehicle, they can open a secondary office of the already existing foreign company. The secondary office is not a separate legal entity: however, it can obtain registration in the special section of innovative startups. The process is rather delicate, but, if followed professionally, it can lead to the desired results.

How to set up a startup with a social vocation

Startups with a social vocation operate in some specific sectors of particular social value (e.g. social assistance, health care, education, education and training, social tourism). An advantage, which makes the bureaucratic process of setting up a company more accessible and flexible, consists in not having to register these startups in the register of social enterprises, but in the special section dedicated to innovative startups.

It is useful to underline that not they are voluntary organizations but profit-oriented organizations. What distinguishes them from other types of startups is the analysis of the effects generated by their activity, contained and detailed in a document describing the social impact that is intended to be generated. For newly established companies it is necessary to self-certify the status of innovative startup with a social vocation. The document describing the social impact must be presented together with the confirmation of the possession of the requisites, within six months from the registration of the company in the special section of the Register of companies.

What is a benefit company

Innovation and common benefit meet. How? Thanks to the innovative startup benefit company. This type of innovative startup combines high technological value with the aim of achieving a positive impact on the environment and society, operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent world. The startup can be born at the time of incorporation as a benefit company or, if already established, it can assume the qualification of benefit at a later time through the amendment of the bylaws.

The corporate purpose must indicate the specific benefit purposes that they choose to pursue. Once a year, the administrative body will report to the shareholders, through a report, of the objectives achieved and those set for the following year. The common benefit can be pursued not only through the conduct of one's business, but also through individual acts such as donations or free acts of any kind.

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