Patrick Zaki will remain in prison for another 45 days

Patrick Zaki will remain in prison for another 45 days

The student was diagnosed with depressive disorder and denied the Covid-19 vaccine. For over a year he has been subjected to the detention regime in Egypt

Demonstration in Milan for Patrick Zaki, illegally detained in Egypt (Photo: Maurizio Maule / Ipa) Patrick Zaki will have to spend another 45 days in pre-trial detention, on charges to have participated in actions of "subversive propaganda on the internet". This is what was established by an Egyptian court, after a hearing held without the lawyers or observers of the embassies. The student of the University of Bologna has been in prison in Cairo since February last year, when he was arrested at the airport, as soon as he returned to Egypt from Italy and without even being able to contact his lawyer. Since then, despite appeals from authorities, parties, human rights associations and the Senate motion to grant him Italian citizenship, the regime of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi has refused to open a real trial, release him or mediate for to reach a resolution of the dispute.

Another "45 days, as every time", Zaki's lawyer, Hoda Nasrallah, told ANSA. An extension of the detention that surprises no one. For a year now, the Cairo judge in charge of deciding on the young student's fate has been renewing these 45 days of detention, hearing after hearing. According to activists of the Facebook page Free Patrick Zaki, the Egyptian authorities prevented the representatives of the embassies and the lawyer appointed by the European Union from attending the hearing and listening to the reasons of the judge.

June 16 will be Zaki's 30th birthday and the student will have to spend it alone in prison. His health conditions worsened during his detention and at the last hearing he was also diagnosed with a depressive disorder, Fanpage reports. In addition, despite the fact that he suffers from asthma, the authorities in Cairo have also refused to vaccinate the student against Covid-19, ignoring the requests of the lawyer and the family, the NGO Amnesty explained. Meanwhile in Italy, many municipalities are continuing to give honorary citizenship to the boy as a sign of solidarity. However, remembers L'Espresso, several administrations led by the center-right are refusing to do the same, such as Genoa or Treviso.

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