The 5 reasons to recover The Good Doctor on Disney Plus: a series that combines heart and brain

The 5 reasons to recover The Good Doctor on Disney Plus: a series that combines heart and brain

The 5 reasons to recover The Good Doctor on Disney Plus

If you are looking for a series that combines brain and (a lot) heart, The Good Doctor must be on your watchlist immediately. The US series, which is currently underway and is in its fifth season in the United States and fourth in Italy, is created by David Shore - that's right, Dr. House's father - and is based on the South Korean show of the same name, which at home has met with such success that it has also been proposed in the West. The Good Doctor follows the story of Shaun Murphy, a young doctor, autistic and suffering from savant syndrome, who finds a job at the fictional San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital in Northern California. Alone in the world and unable to establish social relations with those around him, the protagonist feels lost; the only one to help him in the adventure is his mentor, Dr. Aaron Glassman, who challenges the skepticism and prejudices present within the prestigious surgery department of the hospital by making him join the staff. The protagonist will then have to work hard, trying to stay afloat in the new environment and demonstrating to his colleagues his extraordinary abilities, which will be fundamental in saving hundreds of lives.

From the plot you can guess that The Good Doctor is not a medical series like the others, but it is much more profound, original and capable of creating a great empathy in the viewer. However, if the plot is not enough for you, in this article we will offer you 5 good reasons to recover the series that will be available on Disney Plus starting from 19 October

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The Good Doctor, 5 reasons to recover the series

The right balance between medicine and human relationships The excellent and diverse cast The emotions The optimistic vision of the future Current and relevant themes

The right balance between medicine and human relations

Very often, medical shows struggle to find the right balance between interesting medical themes and human relations between the various characters. The Good Doctor, on the other hand, seems to have found the perfect method to combine the two themes in order to keep the viewer interested.

If you've watched Grey's Anatomy, you too may have thought that the plot was overly tragic at certain points - in short, the logical things that can happen inside a hospital are not are infinite -. While some viewers are lovers of drama, others prefer to see something more realistic; if you fall into the second category, The Good Doctor is for you, since all the events are likely, recalling more works like E.R. - Doctors on the frontline.

The excellent and diverse cast

Whether we look at industry newbies or veterans, the entire cast of The Good Doctor is extremely talented. Everyone brings nuances to their character that make us interested in them, cheering them on or scorning them.

The protagonist is not the only one to show off an excellent performance episode after episode: every cast member, first and foremost Richard Schiff, Beau Garrett, Hill Harper, Will Yun Lee and Nicholas Gonzales, brings their experience to the set, quickly becoming loved by fans. But what strikes the characters of The Good Doctor, in addition to the skill of the actors, is the diversity that is represented within the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital; not only do the doctors come from different ethnic backgrounds, but each has their own set of qualities that make them unique.

What's even more interesting is that the series itself is firmly committed to developing nuanced and strongly characterized characters; there is no stereotype, they all have strengths and weaknesses, and it is precisely these differences that make them such a united and effective medical team. Doctors have to count on each other, and even if they don't agree on a personal matter, they have to put aside hatred for the sake of the patients.


In the introduction we mentioned that there is a lot of heart in The Good Doctor - after all, how could it not be in a series focused on an autistic doctor? -. We are made to really care about the patients and their problems, but also about the doctors and their stories. In fact, among the staff members of the surgery department there is no lack of romance, as between Shaun and Lea, between Dr. Glassman and Debbie (who are actually married in reality) and between Dr. Alex and Dr. Morgan Reznik.

Love isn't the only emotion we see over the seasons though: we want Shaun to find a friend who truly cares about him as he deserves, Dr. Melendez crowns his dream of becoming a father and that Dr. Browne achieves success despite her problems with her mother. All this is possible thanks to the masterful writing of the series, which manages to create the right points of tension and keep us glued to the screen with every episode.

The optimistic vision of the future

One of the reasons what brings many people to approach The Good Doctor is the focus on representing a faithful reproduction of the US healthcare system. The series was in fact created in a world where doctors see problems in their industry and work to fix them; more than once over the seasons the storyline focuses on patients who have been fooled by healthcare, and the goal is to bridge the gap in trust between them and doctors.

Knowing that they really exist out there of doctors who care about their patients rather than their abilities to pay bills or have insurance gives us the confidence that one day everything will really change for the better, both in the United States and around the world. It is important to believe in the health system, despite its flaws, because it allows us to change it for the better.

Even when, in the fourth season, the COVID-19 pandemic was mentioned, it was done faithfully showing in the first two episodes many of the fears and challenges faced by both patients and doctors. Despite this, the creators of the series decided that the rest of the season would present a more optimistic future and (hopefully) not far from what the future will be, where the virus is no longer among us. This allows viewers to enjoy the show without having to worry further about the non-idyllic reality they live in, and have fun for at least one hour a week.

Relevant and current topics

Linking us at the last point, the issues addressed in The Good Doctor are always relevant and current, but are nevertheless treated with an open mind. In a delicate way, the series talks about the problems of racism towards African Americans, as well as sexual harassment in the workplace; for example, in episode 10 of the first season, Dr. Brownie finds herself in a situation with her superior in which she feels sexually abused and uncomfortable. She talks about it with her boyfriend but tells him that she would take care of it, stressing that she does not need a knight to defend her.

The work does not only show solidarity with women who in reality take courage and expose their experiences of abuse, but also represents the strength of female independence, showing us strong characters who remain faithful to their choices. All the female doctors at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital continually demonstrate their strength through their passion, and never bow their heads in front of male colleagues who try to belittle them.

On top of that, in The Good Doctor approaches issues such as rights for the LGBTQ + community and prejudice (primarily towards the protagonist). Issues absent from many series are also explored, such as exhaustion from too much work or life lived with a disability; it is a work that deals with a myriad of social issues, and together with the diversity of the characters and their principles, encourages conversation both inside and outside the screen.

Of course, these are just some of the reasons why The Good Doctor is worth watching; we remind you that the series is still in progress, and the fifth season (which aired in Italy on Ray 2 at the end of 2021), will most likely arrive in the first months of 2023. It is therefore the perfect opportunity to recover it, perhaps with a hot chocolate in your hand and a blanket on your legs.

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