Silent Hill 2: The original translator knew nothing about the remake, which uses his work

Silent Hill 2: The original translator knew nothing about the remake, which uses his work

Silent Hill 2

Jeremy Blaustein, the original translator of Silent Hill 2, knew nothing of the remake entrusted to the Bloober Team, which he discovered together with the rest of the world. So far no problem, one might say, except that it seems that the new version of the game uses its translation, which would therefore like to be accredited.

Obviously we are talking about the translation into English. Blaustein also directed the motion capture and dubbing. Seeing his work used for the umpteenth time without anyone noticing him infuriated him, so much so that he wrote on Twitter, quoting the announcement:

"Cool! And they will once again use the English script of Silent Hill 2 that I wrote / translated (oh, even directed) myself, from which I will have zero compensation and which will not see tens of thousands of people on Twitter outraged for me. Maybe I should make a video ... "

The ironic reference is evidently to the video of Hellena Taylor, the voice actress of Cereza in the first two Bayonettas, who mounted a case on the remuneration offered to her for the third chapter, sparking the ire of fans.

In a subsequent tweet, Blaustein also said he was sorry that he had not been notified of the remake, not even with a message.

Reached by GamesRadar for further comments, Blaustein specified that in Silent Hill 2 he translated all the texts, without the help of anyone else. He directed the dubbing himself, starting with the auditions of the actors. This is because the Japanese staff were unable to judge the abilities of the English actors, not knowing or knowing little of the language. He also directed the motion capture performances. During his time in translation, he collaborated with the development team, particularly scriptwriter Hiroyuki Owaku, on a daily basis.

Blaustein also recalled how Silent Hill 2 was not dubbed in Japanese, " because it was meant for Western audiences. This testifies to the importance of what I wrote. " Finally, he told GamesRadar that he is not looking for money, but would like to have his work credited. Hill 3.

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