Genshin Impact, Update 3.2: release date, Nahida banner and all the news presented

Genshin Impact, Update 3.2: release date, Nahida banner and all the news presented

Genshin Impact, Update 3.2

Hoyoverse today unveiled the news coming to Genshin Impact on Twitch with Update 3.2 scheduled for early November. The update is also particularly rich this time and introduces the playable characters Layla and Nahida, as well as a new world boss. Below we have summarized the main changes in version 3.2.

Genshin Impact update 3.2 is titled "Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises" and will be available starting Wednesday, November 2, 2022. Between one novelty and another, as per tradition, Hoyoverse has shared three new promotional codes to get 300 Primogem for free and more.

Let's start immediately with the most important news awaited by the players of the Bel Paese: version 3.3 of Genshin Impact coming in December will finally introduce Italian!

One of the most important news of the update is undoubtedly the introduction of a new world boss, The Balladeer, clearly linked to the storyline of Sumeru, which will reach its climax with the new missions introduced in the update. It is a giant boss that uses attacks based on multiple elements and with various characteristics. During the battle we will be helped by a kind of drone that fires Dendro bullets.

There is no shortage of new banners and reruns. In the first phase of the life cycle of Update 3.2 of Genshin Impact, the banner of Nahida and the rerun of that of Yoimiya will be available. In the second phase it will be the turn of the banners of Yae Miko and Tartaglia, with the debut of Layla.

Nahida is a 5 star Dendro element character who uses catalysts. By activating the Elemental Skill she deals area-of-effect elemental damage and marks up to 8 enemies. For a limited time, triggering a Dendro-based elemental reaction will trigger a "Tri-Karma Purification" and all tagged enemies will receive additional elemental damage. The Elemental Burst creates an energy field that basically enhances this effect depending on whether you have Pyro, Electro and / or Hydro element characters in your squad.

Layla is a 4-star Cryo unit that uses swords. With the Elemental Skill she creates a barrier for herself and teammates that absorbs enemy damage. She this she also she accumulates power over time and activating the team's Elemental Skills, subsequently unleashing frozen darts that hit enemies. The Elemental Burst creates an energy field that generates additional frozen darts that hit enemies in its range and generates energy for barriers.

The main event of Genshin Impact Update 3.2 is "Fabulous Fungus Frenzy ", where players will participate in hunting trips to capture various specimens of Fungi and combat challenges. By completing the event you will receive Dori for free, as well as a Crown of Insight, Primogem and other resources useful for upgrading the characters.

The other scheduled events are Adeventurer's Trials, with special challenges that require players to complete objectives. specifics based on the abilities of the various characters of Genshin Impact. "Hypostatic Sypmphony: Dissonant Verse" introduces the new boss Dendro Hypostasis and combat challenges featuring these elemental cubes. "Outside the Canvas" will require you to photograph various Sumeru scenarios.

News also for the Serenitea Pot. The most important one allows you to share your Serentiea Pots with the Genshin Impact community and import that of other players.

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