6 portable steam cleaners to sanitize your home without breaking your back

6 portable steam cleaners to sanitize your home without breaking your back

More and more people rely on the power of steam to sanitize their homes, but to treat surfaces above floor level the only solution is portable steam cleaners. Like their drag counterparts, they use a high pressure boiler to generate steam and then diffuse it through an interchangeable set of nozzles; the difference lies in the extremely compact dimensions of the components and in the monobloc design, which favor an effortless and therefore more frequent use.

Pros and cons of portable steam cleaners

It's true: from point of view of brute force and autonomy, products with drag boilers certainly have an advantage. Their continuous jet allows you to treat large surfaces and sanitize the floor of the house without even having to refill the water tank. On the other hand, portable cleaners are limited by tanks that generally collect less than a liter of water and would be a nightmare to use to sanitize the whole house.

On the other hand, the portability of these gadgets is also the their ace in the hole. The boiler reaches the temperature immediately, the average weight is less than 2 kilos and the handling is top.

A portable steam cleaner can be lifted without any effort to clean any type of surface - from the bathroom to the floor cooking. Not only that: taking out, operating and storing one of these gadgets in the closet takes less than five minutes. In short, the ease of use of these gadgets allows them to be used more frequently.

The key features

It goes without saying that the peculiarities of these products that are better to keep an eye on are those that

The dimensions of the tank, measured in liters, have a fundamental impact on the autonomy of the device but also on the dimensions and weight. It is the main value to keep in check, knowing that it will affect three others. The average autonomy of the gadget refers to the time of use before having to refill the water tank and wait for the boiler to bring it up to temperature again. It is measured in minutes and is influenced by tank size and emission pressure. The pressure inside the tank is measured in bars and indicates how strongly the steam can be expelled. It is an index of the cleaning power of the device, but not only: higher values ​​correspond to a faster emptying speed of the tank. The heating time of the boiler should not be underestimated, because it indicates how long the gadget is ready for use, and therefore how much it can be used extemporaneously or how long it is necessary to wait between a load of water and another. The supply of accessories determines how versatile the product will be. Some gadgets only include a generic spout, while others come with special brushes or spouts to wrap in microfiber cloths. Finally, ergonomics and weight are indicators of how much the device will be handy and easy to use, and therefore of how frequently it will be used instead of normal detergents.

The best portable steam cleaners

To choose the best gadgets in the category we have based ourselves on each of these criteria. The result is this selection, with prices and products updated to September 2022. For those who prefer to opt for hybrid devices, halfway between portable and drag cleaners - we have also chosen the best steam mops of recent times: easy to drag around the house and with detachable tanks that work as surface cleaners. br>

Polti Vaporetto First

(Photo: Polti)

One of the best known and most popular models is Polti's Vaporetto First, which promises to eliminate 99.99% of viruses , germs and bacteria using the high-pressure aluminum boiler up to 3 bar and providing accessories such as the steam wand, the concentrator and two round brushes with nylon bristles. Quickly heats up in 3 minutes. The 0.28 liter tank makes it a basic tool, inexpensive but always ready to use.

42.90 € - buy on amazon

Girmi AP30

(Photo: Girmi)

Girmi Ap30 is a portable steam gun perfect for small rooms and for cleaning even narrow corners. It works at 2.5 - 3.2 bar and has a 0.35 liter tank that heats up in just over 3 minutes. The weight is reduced to a minimum but the autonomy, generally less than 10 minutes, limits its use to hard surfaces - less to fabrics with stubborn stains.

36,98 € - buy on amazon

Kärcher SC1

(Photo: Kärcher)

The Kärcher steam cleaner includes a 0.2 liter tank and reaches 3 bar pressure and can be very convenient for cleaning and sanitizing domestic surfaces by distributing the steam evenly thanks for example to the lamellar brush. It is sold with a kit consisting of a rigid extension that allows it to also be used for floors, like a steam mop.

€ 53.08 - buy on amazon

H.Koenig NV60

(Photo: H.Koenig)

The cheapest proposal is that of H.Koenig with 1000 watts of power, 0.3 liters of tank and 4.2 bar of pressure. Thanks to its 6 spouts it is versatile enough to be used in all areas of the house from the kitchen to the bathroom, but also the most difficult to reach windows and corners, even if in this the reduced length of the cable can be an obstacle. >
29.90 € - buy on amazon

Ariete XVapor Deluxe 4146

(Photo: Ariete)

A last and more cumbersome solution for those who need more autonomy at the expense portability: it boasts a 1.6-liter tank that reaches a pressure of 5 bar for over an hour of uninterrupted cleaning and sanitation. Ideal for large rooms and floors, it moves easily thanks to the wheels and includes all the accessories for precision cleaning.

96.93 € - buy on amazon

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