When celebrities play in the online casino



It's nothing new that celebrities are always being photographed in their elegant luxury sleighs in front of casinos or at the gaming tables in elegant company. For some, show business and jet-set life is irrevocably linked to visits to sophisticated casinos. No wonder! After all, it is possible there to spend an entertaining evening gambling with like-minded people. But since numerous popular casino slots can now also be found on the Internet and even the online versions of classics such as Starburst can be played on the Internet, prominent players naturally also benefit of completely new possibilities. The market for online slots is growing rapidly and is constantly being optimized. Providers such as LeoVegas or Lapalingo have recognized this and are investing in ever more appealing and user-friendly virtual slot machines in the best online casinos inthe US.


Celebrities also like to gamble

 Although slot machines are very popular around the world, the United States is where most of the gamblers are found. This is not least thanks to such gambling meccas as Atlantic City or Las Vegas. A very special gaming culture has been found there for several decades, which is much more pronounced than anywhere else - even if it has changed over the years and adapted to the respective time. It may seem odd at first to imagine a celebrity at the slot machine trying to win the big jackpot, but it's not uncommon. While roulette or poker might be better suited for a photo, that doesn't mean that celebrities only have fun at the gaming tables. no way! Many of them also appreciate very classic slot machines and are not afraid to gamble in full slot machine halls. Vin Diesel for example. The actor is a very famous slots fan who also likes to make everyone present laugh. He likes to talk about his favorite slot "The Fast and the Furious". In the film series of the same name, which now consists of nine cinema movies, two short films and an animated series, The Hollywood star has been starring as Dominic "Dom" Toretto since 2001. Is it any wonder that he naturally prefers to play where he knows his way around? It is not known whether he is particularly good at the Fast and Furious slot, but he does like to gamble in online casinos.   



Serial and pop online slots on the rise  

 It is well known that a number of celebrities play games like Jammin Jars or Book of Dead. Such games are not only very famous, they are also constantly updated. The virtual games industry has repeatedly proven in recent years that it can also work the other way around. Numerous slots have been specially developed for celebrities. A very famous precursor, for example, is the shy pop icon Michael Jackson. The legendary "Thriller" slot was made especially for him, which he could then play all by himself at home without having to leave his house.  Slot games based on TV hits, such as “Breaking Bad” and Game of Thrones , are currently extremely popularor "Vikings". Gamers enjoy the many great features and fans of the series are able to grow even deeper into the series, its figures and characters through these online games. What is particularly attractive about these celebrity slots is that many have a free version online. Pop size slots are also very popular. So it is actually possible to bring the cult guitarist Jimi Hendricks back to life and play his slot. On top of playing fun, this also offers the pleasure of hearing the old songs again. 


When stars become active themselves

 Ex-Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson has proven more than once that not only game manufacturers are constantly looking for suitable celebrities, but that stars also become active themselves. The pin-up icon of the 1990s first came out as a big poker fan in the early 2000s and promoted "Doyles Room", a poker site that quickly disappeared from the market due to the UIEGA law. The Hollywood star was also accused of dubious machinations at the time. But after Pamela Anderson admitted to having made a mistake, and only because the operator asked her for help, she was let go again. About ten years later, she reappeared in an online poker promotion. "BamPoker" was the name of a red hot application that was expected to explode. Back then, the application was advertised on Facebook with a cartoon character resembling Pamela Anderson. In the same year she founded her own online casino. She admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that poker and gambling pretty much took up most of her life. In front of the cameras, she opened up about "earning up" $125,000 in poker debt at a Las Vegas casino. Luck in disguise, you could say, because she met a man who offered to pay her poker debt if she did him "sexual favors." Pamela Anderson agreed to the deal: " It worked, I liked it. ... I paid off a poker debt with sexual favors and fell in love. It's so romantic!” Shortly after, “this man” became her second spouse and also her third: professional poker player Rick Salomon.   



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