Star Wars KOTOR Remake: Release in 2024 is a mirage if the game is not reduced in size

Star Wars KOTOR Remake: Release in 2024 is a mirage if the game is not reduced in size

Star Wars KOTOR Remake

These days we have returned to talk about Star Wars KOTOR Remake, the game for PC and PS5 dedicated to the George Lucas saga. Some reports have revealed that the title is in trouble and that the release date is therefore far away. How far away? Even 2024 is a mirage unless the game is scaled down - that's what Jason Schreier thinks.

Schreier, via Bloomberg, is the one who shared the Star Wars KOTOR Remake issue reports. Now, replying via Twitter to a user, he stated that "even 2024 is only a hope unless they reduce the size of the project."

So it seems that Star Wars KOTOR Remake is still on the high seas. Obviously, as always, remember that this is not official information but only a journalist's considerations: Schreier is a reliable source, but things could evolve in many ways from here on out.

Star Wars, in any case, must not rely solely on the remake of Knights of the Old Republic. In fact, remember that Star Wars Jedi Survivor is coming, whose release date was the center of recent comments by Jeff Grubb. Everything was born after the official announcement about two books dedicated to Star Wars Jedi.

Soon, we will also have the opportunity to discover other news dedicated to Star Wars, precisely the new game by Skydance New Media and Amy Henning, well-known author of Uncharted. All will be announced during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase: let's see the dates and details.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake Releasing in 2024 is 'Wishful Thinking', Says Insider

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake is likely many, many years away, sadly. In September 2021, Aspyr Media announced that it was remaking Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for PlayStation 5. This news came after an extended period of rumors and the official reveal had fans stoked to revisit BioWare's classic RPG. Although the reveal was nothing more than a CG teaser and didn't feature gameplay or concrete details regarding what the final product would look like, the mere idea of a modern version of Knights of the Old Republic was enough to get fans excited. Needless to say, there's a lot riding on this game.

Sadly, Jason Schreier from Bloomberg recently reported that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake was shelved earlier this summer after the team prepared a demo to show Sony and Lucasfilm. Afterwards, two of the game's directors were fired and the project was put on 'pause'. At the time, it was speculated that the game may move to a new developer. A recent earnings report from Embracer Group, the company that owns Aspyr, stated that an unspecified AAA game was changing developers, which many assumed was Knights of the Old Republic. That same report noted that Embracer doesn't expect the unspecified game to be delayed. Although the game hasn't been confirmed, Jason Schreier responded to a Twitter user that a 2024 release window 'is wishful thinking' unless the project reduces in scope. 

In Schreier's initial report, it stated that developers thought 2025 was a realistic release window. As of right now, there's no release window for the new Star Wars title. It seems like it could be years before we get to play it, let alone possibly even see a glimpse of it again. It's not even clear who is developing the game right now and if it truly did switch developers, it's likely that the game would get delayed to allow for some retooling and changes.

When do you think Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake will release? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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