Rollerdrome | Interview with the Creative Director, Paul Rabbitte

Rollerdrome | Interview with the Creative Director, Paul Rabbitte

Rollerdrome | Interview with the Creative Director

Rollerdrome is, undoubtedly, one of those productions that do not remain unnoticed. Do you want for the binomial "roller skates and guns", or for its ability to mix mechanics similar to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series with the dynamics of a TPS Arena, the new production of Roll7 has managed to charm us after spending just one few minutes.

In addition to being able to try out a near-final build of Rollerdrome, we had the chance to chat with Paul Rabbitte, the Creative Director behind Rollerdrome.

Roller skates, guns and canyons… we thought the mix of platform and skateboarding seen in OlliOlli World was already brilliant, but with this you have surpassed yourself. Where did the idea behind Rollerdrome come from?
How long have you been working on Rollerdrome? OlliOlli World has only been out a few months ago and seeing another such ambitious title coming out after such a short time has honestly surprised us. How did the development of the title go and what was the most complex challenge to overcome? I've been working personally on Rollerdrome since 2017, and after posting the GIFs of a first version on Twitter I started talking about it with my friends from Roll7, with whom we have been working together on the game, since the end of 2019. As for the challenge bigger, I think, since Rollerdrome is a hybrid of genres, the most important and complex aspect that we had to take into account was to blend two game genres in a convincing, harmonious and enjoyable way for the player. It took many attempts and experiments of all kinds before we were able to obtain the result we had in mind.

It seemed pretty obvious to us that the roller skate gameplay featured in Rollerdrome offers a distinctly arcade style of play, but can we expect gameplay mechanics to make fans of extreme sports games happy? We have seen that the execution of tricks allows us to reload our weapons, but we are curious to know if there will be more. Yes, I've always loved the arcade style of play and that's one aspect that shines through in Rollerdrome. Tricks and grinds are key to helping you maximize your score but you will still need to keep making kills to really increase your score multiplier.

What was it like working on development on a next-generation console? We noticed a particular attention to the functions offered by Sony's DualSense and wondered if it was difficult to work with this new type of controller. Do you think it really manages to improve the player's immersion and offer something really new, and original, in the gaming sector?
Have you already thought about how to evolve Rollerdrome in the coming months? Will it be a standalone experience or do you have a roadmap of additional content in store to be released in the months to come? We are currently fully focused on preparations for the launch of Rollerdrome, which will be released on August 16 on PS4, PS5 and Steam, so for the moment I can't talk about anything else.

Rollerdrome | Interview with the Creative Director

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