PS5 from GameStop on sale tomorrow, August 24, 2022: price and details of the bundle

PS5 from GameStop on sale tomorrow, August 24, 2022: price and details of the bundle

PS5 from GameStop on sale tomorrow, August 24, 2022

PS5 Digital will be available for purchase on the GameStop web portal tomorrow, Wednesday, August 24, 2022. The console as per tradition will be sold in bundles with other products, such as games and accessories, with the availability that will be reported during a live broadcast on Twitter. Details on the contents of the bundle, price and how to purchase it are given below.

The PS5 Digital bundle (ie the model without player) that will be available tomorrow from GameStop includes a digital copy of Horizon Forbidden West, a second controller Dualsense white, Sony's Pulse 3D Midnight Black headphones, multimedia remote control and charging base for controllers. The price will be 669.98 euros.

If you are interested, know that the bundle will be on sale on the official website of the chain on Wednesday 24 August starting at 15:00. It will be communicated when the console will actually be available for purchase during a live broadcast on the official GameStop Italia Twitch channel, which will start at the same time. Since, as usual, the quantities available will be extremely limited, we suggest you follow the livestream from the beginning, keeping yourself ready to place your order as soon as availability is announced.

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GameStop has a PS5 restock in stores today — here’s how to get yours

GameStop has been a pretty consistent source of PS5 stock lately — if you’re willing to head to your local store in person, that is. The retailer’s next big restock is starting today (Aug. 19) at its physical stores, and as usual, PowerUp Rewards Pro members will have first dibs.

According to GameStop’s website, a limited number of PS5 bundles will be available to Pro members on Aug. 19, and to everyone else on Aug. 20. As with any restock, these will likely sell out fast, so we’d recommend that you get to your local store early (you can find your nearest GameStop here).

GameStop sells the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition almost exclusively in bundles, which often include a handful of games and accessories. These are more expensive than just buying the $499 PS5 or $399 PS5 Digital Edition outright, but they often stay in stock longer — and include some items you might plan on buying anyway.

According to The Shortcut, this weekend’s bundles include PS5 Disc with a DualSense Controller and Madden NFL 23 ($640 to $645), a PS5 Digital with the same extras ($540 to $545) and a PS5 Digital Horizon Forbidden West bundle with a DualSense controller and $70 PlayStation Store gift card for $595.

GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro membership — which is all but required to have a chance at snagging this restock — costs $14.99 per year, and includes a number of benefits beyond exclusive access to console drops. You’ll get store credit (including a $10 welcome reward and $5 every month to put toward games, gear and toys), 2% back in rewards credit on every purchase you make and a monthly subscription to Game Informer magazine.

PS5 restocks have been fairly frequent as of late, though you still can’t quite just hop online and buy Sony’s console whenever you want. According to Polygon, Sony noted in a recent earnings call that it’s ramping up production on the PlayStation 5 to make it easier to bring one home for the impending holidays. In the meantime, we’ll continue to track all of the latest PS5 restock updates to give you the best chance at bringing one home.

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